revelation online is looking for player input from Revelation Online players. The dev team is looking to improve certain parts of the game — particularly the newcomer village experience. To gather this input, they’ve created a Google Docs survey.

If you’re hoping for a bit more incentive to complete the survey, doing so will enter you into a raffle for a chance tow in one of 10 DarkSteele Warhorse mounts.

To earn a chance at the mount, fill out the survey on Google Docs.

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  1. I wouldn’t go far as close the servers. I didn’t have any good new mmo for years. Last one was B&S which I played to high lvl. Except that game other new mmo’s were horrible. Low graphics, crappy animations with other usual nonsense. Revelation online was first game that looked playable for long time. It had good visuals and combat. I can see why some would like it but even if it stood out I still didn’t like it.
    It deserves a place just that they made it so asian that you will become asian yourself. When I was a kid I played a lot of things like perfect world. So by now I am pretty tired of asian mmo’s. Right now I would maybe describe it B&S on a budget.

  2. The most important players of a mmo are the free players,why?because they are always the mayority.Without them you`re gonna have long q-times for dungeons.Long q-times make free players AND cashers quit.The cashers already have founders pack or premium bonusses for head start.why give them more?It shouldn`t be that free players feel way behind.Everyone plays to win.Free player win 2/5 is ok,we can live with it.Less than that is very bad.That`s what you do when u put p2w items in the game.

  3. i found it boring and the fact you can only do some dungeons once a day it leaves very little to do after you do the daily dungeons and are locked out of content.

    there wasnt enough to do to fill the void they left in the game

  4. My opinion? Let the players actually play during the tutorial instead of watching cinematics 50% of the time, running around 45% of the time and only doing combat 5% of the time….


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