Revelation Online’s latest class trailer covers what may be one of the game’s more powerful classes, the Swordmage. Primarily a ranged spell caster, the Swordmage is a master of several elements, each of which lend their uses to different fighting techniques. For example, her fire abilities result in deadly attacks while ice related abilities allow her a variety of crowd control abilities. These latter come in handy if she does find herself in close range combat.

Aside from being one of the top damage dealers in the game, the Swordmage is apparently pretty hard to catch, boasting abilities that allow her to teleport and generally avoid foes. She also has a special ability that can make her invincible… as well as others that allow her to help out her teammates in a pinch.

For the full lowdown on this class, just check out the video above.

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  1. lol, they couldn’t even hire someone who could pronounce all the words in the script? The hell is a Celestial “Aggis”. It’s Aegis (“E”-“Jis”).


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