Last week we published our preview of Rift’s new 3.4 update “Into the Wilds.” Now the day is finally upon us as Trion Worlds has launched the free to play MMORPG’s update today.

In case you missed it, in addition to a new zone, new quests and content, and even more puzzles, 3.4 brings in the game’s first new calling since launch. The Primalist focuses on using the elements to tank, heal, or DPS depending on your whims as a player.

Check out the previews on the Rift page and get your client updated now.

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  1. I liked this game at first F2P conversion. I like healer class and found a good role. We ran dungeons actively, at almost every level. My job was to heal up party and dodge the enemy “red circles on ground”. It was fun. A challange, and yeah we wiped but kept going at times. This lead to a lot of dungeons being run even below our level.
    There was an update. They offered a new soul under a cash lock. But, to make it interesting, they NERFED THE HEALER role that was available. It got harder to keep up the heals. Nearly impossible without a back up another dedicated healer. This lead to more failed runs. More group drops. DEAD DUNGEONS (no one re runs the oldies), and over all slump in game play. In just months it turned it into: “Run X dungeon ONLY, with some one 10 levels higher to pull entire team. If fails, you group falls apart and you spend 56 to 2 hours in ques in teh dungeon, if you drop the group to go play, you get a 30 min “leave ban”… Killed it for me. Well, that and the bland new dungeons they offered. The ugly armor sets, the boring grind…. The only thing that semi had my interest was world grouping for rift farming, but that too can fall under the population burst and hence your fun is dependent on their time schedual and it just falls apart.

  2. Trion worlds… meh.”Premium Classes” lol and they say can unlock it via rex.There is no good economy left to start with and those ridiculous REX rates.

    Also if u want to buy with $$ those prices are so high….

    A good game wasted to badly… trion worlds bad company.Archeage.. lol

  3. like:
    1. true open world
    2. classic targeted combat style
    3. class system

    1. you need to buy new primalist class
    2. you need to buy some callings for classes
    3. game is dead… there is crossrealm group finder and still waiting hours for battleground or PvP
    4. there is NO fall damage as long as i know this game… and i think it’s not bug cause no one trying to fix it
    5. 3 – boring races per fraction
    6. no arenas
    7. no flight

    • Agreed with you in the Classic targeted combat thingy, but why should it be falling dmg? to be more realistic? well it’s a fantasy game, there’s nohing real about it and the falling damage isn’t a priority. And for the rest of stuff you said…It’s not WoW. But i completely understand your opinion and i support you.

        • they originally did have fall damage but it started to bugg out in some places, so they took it away completely to fix and many players realised that they loved not having fall damage, so they stuck with it.

      • RIFT won Best Of Show at PAX last year, but I can’t deny that it hasn’t become a bit of a ghost town in level 1-59 zones, at least on my server anyway….. Then again, I specifically chose a low population server because mmo to me means “me & myself only.”

    • Fall damage was removed years ago…something about mount speeds & collision detection…anyway, good riddance to it. The ascended weren’t brought back from the grave just to die freefalling from the highest mountains.

      It was removed while I wasn’t playing it & had a blast when I found out. Can’t tell you how often I used to die looking for hard to reach artifacts.


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