Trion temporarily pulled the “Trove of Mounts” daily calendar reward from RIFT Prime this weekend due to issues with it giving out duplicate mounts — or even worse, none at all. According to a post from Rift Team Designer ‘Tacitus’ on the game’s forums, neither of these things are supposed to be happening.

The issue has been narrowed down to a bad loot table and a fix is already in the works. In fact, players can expect it to be taken care of by the next patch. At that time the Trove will be available again.

Players who attempted to collect the Trove during the hour it was available have been promised a replacement after the fix goes out. Trion notes that there’s no need for a customer service ticket from anyone on this, it’ll all happen automatically.

So, to anyone that thought they got cheated out of a mount… Don’t worry. You’ll be taken care of soon.

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