It’s official, Riot’s definitely got something new in the works. Of course, we knew it was only a matter of time, ever since the company’s founders announced they wanted to live up to the “Games” part of their company name. Now, we know that they have something titled Legends of Runeterra in the works.

Yesterday, Reddit user Zileanpredicts posted a series of links to trademarks Riot filed under the Legends of Runeterra name. Many of them include consumer goods — toys, electronics, and the like. The last few in the list indicate that whatever the game is, Riot has esports planned into the mix.

Whether this means the game won’t be the MMO speculated about in the past is still up for debate. They could be planning ahead for general PvP tournaments.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until they’re ready to tell us to find out for certain. But, here’s to the fun we’ll have guessing.

QuintLyn is a long-time lover of all things video game related will happily talk about them to anyone that will listen. She began writing about games for various hobby sites a little over ten years ago and has taken on various roles in the games community. For the past five years she's been a writer at Gamebreaker TV.


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