League Dominion Quarry

Long-time MMOBombers might know that I have a love-hate — no, wait, make that hate-hate — relationship with MOBAs. That makes me a little odd, when so many people love so many of them.

What makes me even odder is that my favorite MOBA experience is in the world’s biggest MOBA… but with its least-popular mode. And soon, I won’t even have that.

Riot Games today announced that it would be removing the capture-point-style Dominion play mode and the Crystal Scar map from League of Legends on Feb. 22. According to the blog post, only 0.5% of LoL players play Dominion, leading to long queue times and unevenly matches. Additionally, by focusing on Summoner’s Rift as the core LoL experience, that left less time to fix Dominion’s issues and address balance in the mode, leading to it becoming even less popular. Finally, the decision was made to pull the plug, in just under two weeks’ time.

I can understand the decision, and it makes sense for Riot, but it’s still going to be a little sad to see Dominion go. Do you have fond memories like I do? Or am I just being silly and nostalgic for something that was never that good?

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  1. I stopped playing 3 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. For some weird reason my accounted had chat restrictions even though I rarely speak in games and specially when playing a close combat game that requires a lot of attention..

    Later I found out that people get chat banned for saying the word AFK when probably saying : “He went AFK and left me to solo as support” :/

    Riot refuses to look into it so I just quit the game…

    I also don’t understand how people can play in the same map over and over again…

  2. i had a lot of fun with it. this past year i haven’t been ranking so good on that map 1st 2nd 3rd… but i used to rank 1st 2nd and 3rd every single game there with an incredibly high win rate. i wish they would have allowed ranked plays on that map. i coulda made it big there. the OG map is ok and getting better and better. but upwards of an hour locked into a game no pause button cant step away to pee or get a refill kinda sucks. we still play.i agree with adrian87 tho they should rotate it along with poroking hexakill and others. but i doubt they will. doms were great tho que up and 20mins later reading the win screen. was nice.

  3. ░░░░░░░░░░░█▀▀░░█░░░░░░
    ░░▀▀░▄MOBA ░░▐▄▄▄▀░░░░░

  4. MOBA has 2 game maps….. because “mobas are made and played by smart persons” not…… decides to dellete 1 map because: READ ABOVE!

    • a quick MOBA joke….. : MOBAS players are so dumb MPBA has 2 maps MOBA delletes 1 map and the MOBA players are ok whit it. :)) if u did not get the joke you are a MOBA player. 🙂 ……… or a anime fan.

    • Actually LoL has 4 maps and moba’s have other features that are important in the genre, not the number of maps, not that it would matter to you intelligent being.

        • I usually avoid quoting my self, but when i have to deal with ppl like you:
          “other features that are important in the genre, not the number of maps”
          Try reading more then 4 words next time… i’d call you dog to, but i think that would actually be an improvement over how i see you right now.

          • Well he was a little rude but he is kind of right …. moba players have low gaming standards im soory if i ofend u but that is not a inteligent human feature.

          • I still don’t see the connection. Fps games have most times a handful of maps, even some strategy games have low number of maps. freaking CCG’s are played on a table that i’m not sure that you can even call a map. For almost every genre you can find popular games to give examples for small number of maps.
            Just because you hate mobas, there it’s no need to insult over 100mil ppl, or if you do at least find a proper objective argument.

  5. I probably didn’t touch this mode in more then a year, but i don’t think they should be removing it completely from LoL. They should do the same like with ultra rapid fire, one for all, hexakill and the others and have it come back from time to time.

  6. This was the only thing that got me to keep playing League. Dominion was fun and relaxing. It was simple yet incredibly intense. Especially those moments where you win by 1. It’s unfortunate to see this game mode hit the scrapyard. Maybe someone should develop a game purely focused on this game mode?

    • Make a game on that and who will play ? That 0.5% of people? haha

      Actually modes like these should be periodic with bonus IP rewards for fun and must be rotated with URF,Poro King and others.That way the fun and freshness remains.

      How much fun it maybe but if you do not yield much playbase interest in the mode its really gonna get axed.


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