We’ve already explored some of the updates coming to Drakensang Online this month when the “Rise of Balor” expansion launches. Today though, Bigpoint has announced that the new expansion’s release date will be on August 26th for the free to play MMORPG.

Rise of Balor brings a level cap raise and skill revamp with it, but the expansion also brings 16 new maps to the world of Dracania. Some of these maps are intended to actually change over time based on player actions to increase the likelihood of surprising players.

Rise of Balor will also focus on lore and even additional backstory that hasn’t previously been revealed.

On behalf of Agrasha, Queen of Myrdosh, the players enter the southern forbidden jungle of Lor’Tac, searching for a lost dwarven advance team who sought the lost, semi-mythical World’s Heart. They encounter two native tribes, one corrupted by an evil power, the other seeking refuge in the tree-tops. Accompanied by the young Spellweaver Kaylin Lefrye, players learn that the evil tribe is searching for artifacts of the Bound Gods: Oceanus, Artaya, Mortis, Fyrgon, and Fjalnir.

Get all the expansion info here.

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