RUMOR: Players Uncover Fortnite “Party Royale” Map


Fortnite‘s data miners and leakers seem to be at it again, this time uncovering a new mini-map that they believe will be part of the non-combat activities reportedly being added to the game. The information comes via a couple of Fortnite leak Twitter accounts and reported on by The tweets show a limited time mode map associated with the Papaya Event as well as emails from Epic sent to content creators.

As you can see, the map tweet is pretty much what you’d expect, a top-down look. As for the email, it offers information on a few things coming to the game but the important bit for us is the section labeled “Party Royale. All chill, no sweat.” According to the email, the mode is “experimental and evolving”. A main feature is that weapons and materials are not part of the design. What exactly that means players will be doing hasn’t exactly been detailed. Although, based on the icons available on the map, there will be competitive events like racing and soccer… maybe a bit of skydiving, which is totally on brand for the game.


    • Battle Royale is a dying fad – it’s mostly played by 8-14 year old kids and manchildren. It’s only been a matter of time before even the biggest Battle Royale games started exploring additional, smaller scale game modes in order to remain relevant.

      I would probably have been playing Apex Legends if it had TDM mode or some other small scale mode with respawns or rounds to validate me even wasting bandwidth downloading the game.

      For me unless a shooter game has the traditional Bomb Defusal and Demolition modes, it’s not worth my time.


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