RuneScape‘s latest content update released today, and it appears Jagex is pretty proud of themselves. The new update introduces Construction Contracts, which are a less expensive way to train construction. Rather than spending hours in their player owned house building random stuff in order to level construction, players can now take on contracts from NPCs out in the world. They will, of course, have to have some construction experience already. So, those who haven’t hit level 40 will need to get on that if they want to level construction while socializing. As mentioned above, this new system will also be more cost effective, which is probably the bigger benefit for most players.

To take on their first construction contract, players will need to seek out an estate agent who will then send them to one of 11 different buildings in Gielinor’s most “iconic” towns. There they’ll be given a task by one of the NPCs. Once completed, they’ll recieve construction credits as well as other rewards.

In addition to the construcion contracts, the new update also brings back Premier Club membership. Since this is the game’s 20th anniversary, the membership is now available at a discount. The three different levels of membership are outlined in the patch notes here.

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