As we reported a few weeks ago, Noria’s free-to-play MMO Sevencore is now available to a wider global audience, thanks to a new deal with Korean publisher Webzen.

Anyone with a Webzen account can now download and play Sevencore on English or Spanish servers, to complement the already available Portuguese, French, and German servers.

Also, until Dec. 2, all players get free 30% XP boosts and level up boost gifts every two levels. Because who needs leveling content, right? “GET TO DA ENDGAME!” /arnoldvoice Also, if you play the game for 20 or more days during that time period, you’ll get a Launch Event Special Cape.

You can create a Webzen account here and download the game in English or Spanish. Adios!

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  1. ive spent about a week playing this game back in the day, after level 25, the grind starts, i was constantly running back to the capital every level trying to sign up for PvP – nothing like that happened, so after level 27 or something, i got really bored and frustrated with this game and quit

    i guess this isnt the time and place, but the best MMO ive ever play (and still come back to every now and then) is World of Warcraft – its polished to the point that no matter how much Blizzard are ruin it, its still more playable

  2. I’ll be blunt: this game sucked before and will suck again. I would wager my firstborn child that this game stands no chance of lasting a year.

  3. sigh i’m sorry for the devs of this game, they just don’t realize that this kind of games doesn’t work anymore, i’m not being a jerk it’s the truth. How much longer till they announce the shutdown 3 months? 1 month?

  4. Look really old now …i will give it a try again since archeage start to really getting boring …Stupid open Pvp zone with lvl 50 stuff full pvp can t do anithing …i am only lvl 40 ><*

  5. It has guns and that is great but it is a tab click fighting mmo so no thanks. only reason i do not play guild wars 2 is because of those retarded controls ( cam )


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