gPotato’s new mount based MMORPG Sevencore has begun its open beta phase. Sevencore allows players to utilize their mounts as combat pets who fight alongside them in battle. Another option is to ride the mounts into battle, giving players an entirely new skill set to use.

Additionally in Sevencore, players can opt to participate in guild PvP battles where the winner claims the right to rule their entire region. The Guilds that strike the right balance between expansion and power will be able to challenge each other for control of Sevencore’s five starting regions in Occupation Wars. Summon fire-breathing dragons and giant, bone-crushing dinosaurs to win the weekly 20 vs. 20 battles that determine who will rule.

You can check out our first impressions of Sevencore in the video above or find out more information by visiting the official site. Will you be giving this mount based MMORPG a go?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Yeah, that’s why I won’t give this game a try. If gPotato doesn’t care enough for the European gamers to release the game for them in English, then I don’t care about their game.


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