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The weekly cap on sparks — which puts a limit on the most obvious form of character development — in Skyforge is a topic that’s gotten plenty of people riled up. Today, the Skyforge devs put out a blog post explaining how characters can continue to progress after the limit has been reached and serving as more in-depth rundown of the benefits of the Order system.

The blog post essentially boils down to this:

“It was clear to us that we were unable to convey how significant this element truly was as it not only allows for continued play, but unlocks a noticeable portion of a player’s potential power as well.”

while describing the different ways that the resources you gain after hitting the spark cap can be fed back into your Order and increase your character’s strength. I haven’t hit the sparks cap yet in my time playing Skyforge, but I can agree with the sentiment that the Order system is a little confusing and difficult to fully grasp. Does it compare to the power increases you’ll get from unlocking new nodes in the Ascension Atlas? Probably not, but I suppose it’s something.

The Allods Team might be right about how they were “unable to convey” the Order’s importance, but I wouldn’t lay that entirely at their feet. MMO players have a very narrow perception of how MMOs just are, especially in terms of questing and progression, and if you put one “normal” system in place, they’ll gravitate toward that while virtually ignoring any other system. The Ascension Atlas is a little weird, but not too hard to figure out, and it does have similar precedents (Path of Exile, Final Fantasy X), so that’s naturally what people are going to think is the “only” — or at least the quickest — way to progress.

But how many of us have played MMOs with dynamic events and tended to ignore them because we’re rushing to the next objective? That happens a lot in Guild Wars 2 and Rift, in my experience, because we’re taught in countless MMOs that the “best” way to progress is to go to that guy with the punctuation mark over his head and do what he wants; other stuff just gets in the way. The same applies to endgame. If raids are an option, that’s what most people will do, even if there are other options, because they’re used to raids and they know what to expect from them.

To put it simply, if an MMO is going to provide means of advancement or gameplay modes that are different from the usual — pretty much anything beyond killing monsters as directed by an NPC — it has to be blindingly obvious that they’re worth doing, or most players will ignore them and stick with what they know. I thought the Order system was just a nice little add-on to Skyforge that provided a few bonuses here and there, similar to World of Warcraft’s garrison system, so it didn’t require a ton of attention. But if it’s being pushed as a major tool for advancement, then it probably needs greater emphasis so it can actually be noticed by players.

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  1. The caps are brutal and absurdly low. If you’re an actual gamer you WILL cap in this game in a day. If you’re semi-casual you’ll cap in 2-3 days. That still leaves over half the week with you scratching your head for want of something to do. Westerners won’t put up with the caps for long, this game will, sadly, peter out and die / snuggle up into its niche sooner rather than later. The caps are a deal breaker for everyone I know. Anyone defending this Communistic approach to gaming will enjoy their 2 hour queues, <5k playerbase (mostly BRs) in a few months. Carry on.

  2. For all you whiners out there….are you all forgetting, this game is still in Beta???? yes there are problems, yes there are areas that need addressing….YES there is room for improvement. So join the community forums, and TELL the devs, let them know how you as a player would like to see things develop, I’m sure they would rather have that, then have you trash all their work that is essentially still a work in progress. I for one enjoy this game, I haven’t hit my cap yet and despite there needing (in my opinion) a few tweaks here and there, I’m quite content to play through the grit until they improve it with future updates…and no, they cant test this stuff offline, as a live environment and players are always unpredictable.

  3. The cap adds on every week right? Play another game for a week or two. Take a vacation. Only get on to check your adepts and play something else. Then you come back and the cap will be high. Problem solved. Or you can hit the cap and gain extra stuff every week. Or you can decide not to no life the game.

  4. I think the SKYFORGE developers do not have to worry about the criticism , but with the players. I am Brazilian and like others fell in love with the game. It brought me out of several other rand as TERA , FFXV , BD , B & S . WOW .

    For me it’s the best so far good team and very good developers

  5. i simply dont like this game because im not into clicking my mouse like a madman for 30 mins or so. just the ammount of mouse clicking is f r.

  6. Give them props for trying a different system but shame them for having a pathetic way to control advancement. All skyforge has proven so far was mmo players like to talk out of their ass about diversity but when given the chance to actually do it they fail and complain like weenies.
    I myself am turn off by many things they do but still enjoy the game to a certain degree just not in the long run. Besides, there isn’t much to do in the game anyways when you really get down to the main points.
    1. No exploration because everything is capped and released by your prestige.
    2. All ‘group’ dungeons are tank and spank. Trust me, don’t even attempt without tank unless you want to waste time.
    3. No trading means no incentive to play after spark cap.
    4. It’s really still just point and click.

    On a side note, Jason is correct here. You must focus on the “Order” part of the game. It’s the simplest way to get stronger due to caps on everything. Do the math. And this game isn’t dynamic progression it’s more of like 3 linear progression instead of one.

  7. Lol @ the people saying this game is bad because it character gates you and has caps.

    -The caps are easily reachable I reached spark cap in a day and a half it’s def possible to reach the cap if you have a “life”

    -You cannot buy power in this game, none. It’s not pay to win at all, in any aspect. Everything in the “cash shop” can also be obtained without spending a dime.

    -The class system is great. All the classes are great. The starter classes are not worse or better than the advanced classes, in fact paladin and lightbringer, 2 of the starting classes are considered better than the Knight and Alchemist, the advanced class equivalents. Everyone has their use, everyone is unique. You can also try any class you want before deciding to work towards it.

    -People who complain about character gating are the same people who throw around the word “toxic” because it’s trendy. WoW character gates you, every MMO gates your growth somehow, someway. Get over it.

    -It is BY FAR the best free to play game on the market right now. Beautiful game, best action combat of any game, period. I’ve played over 300 MMOs and reviewed most of them. Skyforge is worth the while. It is amazing. Breath of fresh air to the market.

  8. Why do you want to unlock all class within a week ?
    The class system here is not really equal level actually..
    There actually 3 type of classes
    Beginner , Intermediate and Advance class
    Those of u who bought founder or CE pack can use some
    Advanced Classes such as Gunner , Berserker , Knight and Alch.. which
    i think they shouldn’t do it .. Because of that now people think
    all class are equal .. If they’ve just let everyone to start from basic 3 class
    then they will see the different. Right now the game is good but the way
    they manage mess up the system with their aim to make alot of money out of game
    faster rather then make the game good for long run. But anyway cap are ok for me and my
    friends .. we don’t really have a problem since we all got work and didn’t play everyday.
    I think is pretty fair ( for the cap part ). If they start to focus on making the game better and
    more content instead of trying to milk.. it’ll be a great mmo. I don’t mind sub monthly if they make it worth.

  9. it does suck there is a limit and it will take awhile to unlock new classes but for people who have to work for a living and take care of there family i have yet to hit any limit if u could unlock and do every thing in one week why would want to play it for more then a week ? would you call a game you can get every thing you want in a week a MMO would you spend a year playing something that takes no effort to get what you want.

  10. Why would they even think about spark cap? Some people pay for premium but it still not enough, some hardcore player they lv up their main 3 classes first then other classes, i reached my cap on Sat, and dor weekdays only play 2 hours. Each week wr have 7k sparks to spend on. This is not enough, repfer cap limit per day,not week

  11. What they fail to adress is that you get capped for progressing towards the classes you want so if you don’t like any of the 3 classes you are stuck with them for atleast 3-4 weeks wich i think it’s pretty ridiculous. Plus if you progress too much you can’t play with your friends without oneshotting everything and you can’t make a second character. If these problems were fixed the game would be much better but it’s kinda of a huge turnoff for me at this point

  12. What they fail to tell you is this, in order to unlock greatness nodes you need sparks so lets say you your order is at a well ranked upgraded to the point where you can’t upgrade it anymore without greatness but hey you just capped out on your sparks, well now what you cannot progress your Order any further so whats left is Gear grind oh and now your out of credits because those modifiers cost alot to upgrade, what they don’t tell you is what everything costs to do and what they don’t realize is once you hit all those walls you run out of things to do.

    • Also, most people are not complaining about prestige but instead about the fact that your progress to any class you’re working to is completely halted when you hit your cap.
      They failed to address that.

      • Most of the ppl already left the game after they saw the spark limit and that it takes up to month to unlock classes like berserker. They ruined the game with this cap. Skyforge ……. more like Limitforge .. w/e retarded developers

          • Guess we found either a developer of the game or someone who is so on Limiforges boner its ridiculous.

          • Nah. They’re not a publisher. It’s a person who comments on, basically, every single post on this site. An attention whore who thinks their opinion matters.

            Tera is a significantly better game, and will always, consistently, have more players than Skyforge does. I can guarantee you that there’s a reason for it. The progression in Tera is less grindy, has less limits, and is a far better game in basically every regard. This game forces you to play three classes that very few people want to play. Yes, some enjoy them, but I can guarantee you that it wasn’t the reason they chose to play the game.

            Literally the only reason this game even appeals to me, is because it’s one of the few games that seems to have (somewhat) gotten the concept of a Monk down correctly, so I wanted to try out the class properly, and not just three sets of two skills in a training tutorial. From that, I’d make my judgement on the game and (most likely) continue playing.

            The problem is that people are forced to wait for a month for one of the few classes they -might- want to play. Sure, the game’s innovative in some ways, but there’s still a number of games that dwarf them in basically every aspect. Yet, they’re forcing people to sit around doing nothing, rather than letting them get to the reason they joined. It’s not even a case of the player’s dedication to getting there. It’s just about how many walls you can put in the players way so that they’re forced to play longer, because the developers realized that people might not actually like the minimal effort they put into the areas that interested them.

        • Nice! All the people that dislike the limit system left, yet the game still has queue’s and a high population.

          Just shows to go how people that stick around longer understand the game better, and the cap matters less and less, especially since it goes up weekly.

  13. I don’t see what’s so confusing about orders, it’s simple really. But.. that’s just me.
    And yeah you’re kinda right here, most just rush ahead like rabid animals only able to see the finish line. Their loss.

    • Not to mention that the game actually explains everything and guides you along very well, and that includes orders of course.
      So why do we have people who don’t get it?
      Because they don’t pay attention to anything and just skip ahead… and then those same people go to forums to complain that: “sh!t apparently ain’t clear enuff sob-sob” yeah… right.

      • The only real argument regarding the limit I’ve seen is “I want to play xxx”. Since classes are locked behind what is essentially a time wall, I sort of understand their issue.

        However…I’m from the SWG Pre-CU community. Unlocking a ‘class’ or any sort of advanced talent is acceptable by me as long as it’s within reasonable time. Within your first week you can unlock and intermediate class, and in three (or two if you plan well) weeks you can get an advanced class.

        The game already has three base classes to play which offer one of the three major roles each. There is enough within a single starter class to last you until your desired main class. But I guess people just want what they want, and will blast devs for doing something that makes them explore other parts of the game.

        I hear so many complaints about linear games, yet a community like Skyforge’s only proves that what we say is different from what we want apparently. :/

        • My major problem with the cap limit is that people are stop playing near the end of the week because they hit their cap. It took me 7 minutes to find a match for the dungeon I wanted on Tuesday and there was only a handful of people at the mission teleporter to pass the time with.

        • Ever entitled spoiled brats are spoiled, nuff said.
          I still play paladin myself while unlocking god mode, perfectly fine class like all the others.

        • IF the only way you get your players to explorer other aspect of the game is to disable their abilities to do other things then that is bad design.

          Add incentives for players to explorer instead of adding a cap. That’s just a sorry justification to a shit system.

      • To me it’s not confusing, but more effed up. For every 5 prestige you get from your order you could get 70 if your sparks limits wasn’t capped because of spark progression.

        The order is a nice side project to do, but it’s just that, a side project.

        • A “side project” that holds around third of your overall power.
          Just stop complaining about every little thing you whiny bitchez and play the game.

        • The order is not a side project.

          At 90k prestige on RU, players have around 30k off the order.

          That’s 1/3 of your prestige, and if you fail to keep it up to date, you’ll be falling off fast, and losing out on major stats off your chapels.


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