Skyforge Strongholds

There’s a lot coming in Skyforge’s Ascension expansion, and today the dev team put character progression in its sights. The new system seeks to simplify matters and make it easier for players to unlock new classes.

Instead of progressing along the Ascension Atlas for days or weeks to unlock news classes, players will go to a class’s temple on a regional map, which will take some squad-based adventuring. Newly unlocked classes have a few skills — enough for basic competency — with more unlocked via quests in the class temple. Skills will be PvE- or PvP-focused, and you can learn them in any order. And don’t worry… if you had a class unlocked prior to Ascension, you’ll still have access to it, but the skills you have available will depend on what you’ve unlocked for that class already.

Stats are also being simplified, with stronghold quests in region maps helping you build your character’s Might. Passive bonuses are also getting an overhaul, replacing parts of the previous symbols from the Ascension Atlas. It’s a lot to absorb, and you can get the full rundown on the Skyforge site.


  1. This is actually kinda lame. I am much less excited about the Ascension expansion now. Who knows, they might make it decent though.


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