Daybreak Game Company President John Smedley has gone back to Reddit for a long post on what he envisions for the future of H1Z1.

The only item with any specific time frame mentioned is the addition of professions, which Smedley says will be out later this month and will “allow for more character development and a much more unique set of skills.” In the more nebulous “soon” category are improved zombie AI, better base-building, and the return of weather. Long-term goals include a massive, 16,000 square kilometer world (which seems unthinkable compared to the current 64 square km map), where players can build entire cities in the still-in-progress Forgelight 2 engine.

Overall, there aren’t a whole lot of specifics, which is understandable given the vagaries of development, but what do you think about Smedley’s statement? Are you still bullish on H1Z1 or do you want to see more results first?


  1. Only thing H1Z1 need is teleport to friend like in Defiance. If a game have a huge map, game need teleport to friend. If i can’t spend my time with my friend its pointless i can’t have fun alone in a huge world. PVE servers is ok for meeting and hangin around but zombies hardly follow you and attack you. Thats put us to PVP for more fun so until we meet my friend other players kill us several times so they need to fix that first…

  2. Smed talks big but rarely delivers, just like he talked big about EQNext only for it to be delayed as it got given away to daybreak. Now it’s more like EQNextYear.

  3. Reason for the post was because Ark Survival Evolved was released, a much better game altogether. Everyone playing that now. Shame Smed didn’t give a date when it will actually go free to play. Probably when the player base stops growing.


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