After a succesful start of Soul Captor’s closed beta, Gamania Digital Entertainment announced that the game has gone into open beta. The free to play soul-collecting MMORPG will be available for download through Gamania’s self-developed beanfun! platform.

Players will have the opportunity to check out two brand new classes that have been added to the new build. Both the Celestial Master and Mystic Fighter classes will provide players with new ways of playing the game. They join the existing classes of Warrior, Shaman, Onmyoji and Priest.

Expect also some events, prizes and random giveaways. So if players need a break from their soul collecting, they can check out the events page.

Soul Captor is scheduled for release this summer on Gamania’s beanfun! platform. Players who want to participate in the open beta test can do so by visiting the Soul Captor website


  1. great another copy and pasted game asian mmos are just gona stay the same forever it seems not saying dont try it just saying am bored of these games there not very good

  2. Game is terrible

    Outdated Graphics
    Lots of Bugs
    Combat System is terrible
    Gear + (One stupid idea that ruins everygame)

  3. The game itself, and all downloads for it shouldn’t take any longer than 45 minutes since it has been updated once. In-fact it took me about 20 minutes for everything to be downloaded and installed, and I have an extremely slow connection and laptop. So, it was pretty impressive, especially once in-game. It is a little cartoony, yes, but the cutesy factor, and cartoonyness is not too overdone. It’s actually a very good game to play through. The current cap is lvl 40, which may not take long depending on if you focus on leveling or collecting scrolls. The mounts are good, the monsters are creative, and the graphics aren’t all too bad for the time it takes to get the game up and running. It is all very well-done in my opinion. I played the CBT, and decided to play OBT as well. The only real con in my opinion is the low drop-rates of scrolls and high fail rates of refining after a guarenteed +3, and sure destruction of your item if you do happen to fail. They have added a few counters to these, which I am trying out for myself to see if it helps, though some players are exploiting the kindness, they are doing good in taking in reviews and such. Give the game a try, and I guarentee a not-so-disappointed outcome with unfold.

    I do recommend this game to newcomers to the MMO world, as they will experience both pros and cons there are to the industry, but many more pros than cons. As well, it is a family friendly environment, yet competitive as well. There has not yet been any PvP introduced to the game, it is something many are/can look forward to.

    I also recommend this game to Veterans of the MMO world. This game provides good quality graphics, a new twist on the MMO concept. There is more to being ranked than just level, and variety gives much for a player to look forward to. The game was created in a creative and artistic way, as well, it brings some very familiar MMO concepts we all look for in a good game.

    The game holds plenty of potential and I encourage everyone to give it a try.

    IGN- Z, A, Blah
    Forum name- Blahblah

  4. This game is like any other mmorpg, the main objective is to basically level up and get stronger, six classes to choose from. The down side of this game is that if a player exceeds a certain level they can’t collect souls of creatures with lower levels.

  5. The concept sounds fun, but the design might be a bit to cartoony and cutesy for me. I wish these games would start releasing demos to download so I wouldn’t have to spend hours downloading a game just to try it out. It would be infinitely easier to try out different games to find the ones I really like. 😛

    • alright then, if you think that asians mmo sucks, could you give me a list of non-asians mmos that you consider as being good?

    • don’t hate on asians just because they don’t make dumb games like runescape; they just make games like: blade and soul, knight age, and phantasy star online 2.

    • How so? Care to elaborate on why it’s a let down so that it might give us a good idea of the pros and cons of the game? 😉

  6. This my sound a little mean but i truly am not attracted to this game at all… am i wrong? it just doesnt seem to have much to offer :S


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