If you’ve been thinking that Warframe is just getting too easy, Digital Extremes has the fix for you. This weekend, the company is rolling out testing on The Steel Path — otherwise known as ‘Hard Mode’. Once fully released, this update will offer players higher difficulty content and relevant rewards, including cosmetics and emotes. It also gives players a good excuse to use all that high-end gear they’ve collected.

In order to take part in this new content, players will need to have completed the Solar Map. That said, Digital Extremes does want players to understand that the new content is not intended to be part of the whole ‘end game’ thing. Nor do they intend for it to be complicated or tiered.

If you’re a player that has unlocked all the missions in Warframe, DE is offering a chance to be part of the test. You will need to enter the Test Cluster Key Lottery. The link for that is available on the Warframe forums.

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