A new storyline set in the Star Trek: Discovery universe is coming to Star Trek Online. Titled Age of Discovery, the new update takes players to the year 2256, just after the battle at the Binary Stars. Players will be able to create new Discovery era captains and work with Cadet Sylvia Tilly, traveling to many of the iconic locations from the series.

Age of Discovery will include a brand new start. Unfortunately, it seems that at the moment those looking to create new characters can only do so on the Federation side. The update also introduces new Discovery episodes for all characters, a new Task Force operation, and more.

STO fans can look forward to the new content arriving this fall. More information about the update will be made available on the game’s site.

On a less happy note STO Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa is stepping down from his current role. He will still be a member of Cryptic Studios, although we don’t know in what capacity that will be yet. Taking his place will be Andre Emerson, who appears to be new to Cryptic but boasts 25 years in game design and direction and reportedly has a pretty encyclopedic knowledge of Trek.


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