In Star Trek: Picard, a driving force behind the show’s plot is the Romulan hatred of synthetic lifeforms and the attack they executed on Mars to stop any further research into them. In the show, a covert Romulan group orchestrates a plot where Synths attack operations on Mars, resulting in a shutdown of both Synth research and the Federation manufacturing yards.

An outlier result of the incident was that the Federation pulled back on things like humanitarian activities, cutting short their plans to rescue millions of Romulans destined to be killed by a supernova.

While in Picard, this is recent past history, in Star Trek Online it’s the distant past. But, the Federation never wants its members to forget, so a new Task Force Operation has been designed — one in which players piloting ships in STO can experience the Synth attack on Mars firsthand.

Of course, the announcement warns that this battle can’t be won. But they don’t intend for people to give up on it either. Instead, it’s designed to prepare captains for what lies ahead.

Details on exactly what players are in for in this new TFO haven’t been revealed, but we’re sure they’ll be posted sooner rather than later.

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