Star Trek Online‘s 20th Season update — House Divided — is here, and as promised Cryptic Studios is giving a lot of love to the Klingons. In fact, this update is the beginning of the “Year of Klingon” and picks up where the Age of Discovery storyline left off, following the mechinations of J’ula and her allies in the year 2411.

Of course, fans will recognize some of the voices that appear in this expansion as those of favorite actors from one (or several) of the Star Trek TV series. J.G. Hertzler is returning to his role as Martok, and another favorite — Robert O’Reilly, the voice of Gowron in Next Generation and Deep Space 9 — will make his first appearance in the game as the voice Gowron’s ancestor Aakar.

As a special treat, Cryptic offered us the opportunity to (virtually) sit down with Mr. O’Reilly and talk with him about taking over the role of Aakar in STO as well as the Star Trek universe in general. We’ll be posting that as a separate piece tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

Just as Cryptic promised back in May, the Year of Klingon and its related updates will do more than just add content. It also updates the in-game Klingon experience. Players will find the tutorial has been given a visual workup, including new cutscenes and voice overs. Several of the Klingon characters, including J’Mpok, Adet’pa, Kagran, and Worf, have had their models updated as well.

And yes, there is new content to explore — such as a new TFO, new Patrols, and two new episodes. More information on all of this is available on the STO site.


  1. Its a tough game to go back on, new players may find it a great game as i did in year dot.
    Can not get around the bad movements in all accounts within this game, was trying so hard to re play it the other day. šŸ™ its needs a mechanic badly or just let the pure players who are for its theme and can override it. I like star trek but am spoilt by 2020 gaming advancements. šŸ™

    • Star Trek only worked as a TV series for me (the 1966 series), I tried playing this game a few times, it just doesn’t feel right.


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