Apex Legends has slowed down considerably since its big surprise launch in February. SuperData has been tracking its decline, which included “only” $16 million in revenue in September, but that trend appears to have reversed itself, at least temporarily.

In its latest report, the market research firm reports that Apex Legends brought in $45 million in October, or about half of what EA’s FIFA Ultimate Team mode has made since February. The game only appears at #9 on the console list, well behind Destiny 2 at #3 and Fortnite at #6.

Over on the PC side of things, well-known — at least in the West — free-to-play games claim #1 (League of Legends), #7 (Fortnite), #8 (World of Tanks), and #10 (Roblox). We’ll also point out that Lineage M is at #8 on the mobile list and that NCSoft’s mobile titles bring in more than all their other games combined. Just a little food for thought.


  1. Just another rage inducing game that will be around as long as League of legends. And like all the other cancerous competitive games out there today.

    These games are so flawed. I honestly don’t know how dumb you have to be to continue playing these repetitive broken games. But seeing how dumb down these kids and adults are now n’ days. I shouldn’t be surprised. Hpmh. I guess Idiocracy movie was really a documentary.


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