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Last October, professional Hearthstone player Blitzchung made headlines around the world for his vocal support of Hong Kong during a tournament broadcast. He was swiftly suspended for his actions, even though Blizzard eventually reduced his suspension and even apologized for how swiftly the harsh punishment was handed down.

YouTube channel People Make Games caught up with Blitzchung recently to see how he’s handling his time away from the game and what his future plans are. He’s taken a break from university, due to the general stress and being “in the spotlight” for the incident. He was “a bit disappointed” with Blizzard for the way things were handled, but he doesn’t “hate” the company, having signed with a new team, Tempo Storm, and is planning to resume his professional Hearthstone career once his suspension has expired. He’s even traveled to Taiwan to meet the two casters who were caught up in the whirlwind of suspensions and wishes Blizzard would “change their decision” regarding them.

As for the initial incident itself, Blitzchung said that it wasn’t pre-planned and that he just decided “on that day” to do it. It was “something that was more important than my career,” and he said that he’s still glad that he did it. “Even if I had a chance to go back, I would still do it,” he said. “Sometimes, it’s a must-do thing.”

It’s worth watching the complete video, which we’ve embedded below, not only to hear Blitzchung’s words, but the way he delivers them. His English is quite good, so I don’t think he’s struggling with some of the answers because of a language barrier. Rather, I feel like he’s trying to put good and solid thought behind his words and the reasons behind his actions. On that level, I think he succeeds.

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  1. shouldnt brought political opinion to games where it meant to be fun for ppl and make everyone become friends. btw, good job hk police and keep doing great thing.

  2. That’s my dude. I was one of the people that cancelled their WoW subscription and deleted my Blizzard account, because of this event and because I was sick of WoW.


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