Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) lead designer Emmanuel Lusinchi has revealed that BioWare is taking a look at the free-to-play model, mostly to assess competition and to prepare for a future that is permanently changing. The first step is to make Star Wars: The Old Republic free up to level 15 with the scheduled July update.

In an interview with gamestm, Lusinchi admits that Bioware acknowledges the need to adapt in the increasingly overpopulated MMO genre. He said, “The MMO market is very dynamic and we need to be dynamic as well. Unless people are happy with what they have, they are constantly demanding updates, new modes and situations. So we are looking at free-to-play but I can’t tell you in much detail. We have to be flexible and adapt to what is going on.”

BioWare already has a free-to-play game in the shape of MOBA Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, so what you guys think of this?


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  2. Evryone is going to F2P cause you get the most money. In a F2P game you pay like 15$ only for an armor/sword. In P2P games 15 $ is the monthly subscribtion, and u get almost evrything. And F2P games can have cash shop,subscription, promos, offers, some even charge for emotes.


  3. F2P is ruining the MMO area for ture MMO players. The last thing I want to see in the game is whining 10 year olds and people who dont even speak english FLOODING the servers. Bioware if you going to do this to use please make F2P only servers.

    there should be segregation between all f2p and p2p servers. And if someone spends more the $25-50 bucks in cash store then give them the ability to transfer to P2P servers this they are ture players paying for the game as well.

      • Have you ever heard of umm… this thing called “Chat restrictions” ? and not EVERY living person does and has the need to be educated in the art of English.

    • you know a post like that could easily get flamed, especially on a free to play website. anyway, based on this logic, anyone who buys anything in any game should not be able to play with anyone who doesn’t… meaning just per say, if you and a friend play LoL or HoN and you baught a skin, you would no longer be able to play games with your friend unless they buy a champion or skin with real money. This is the stupidest idea as seeing these items in action is what drives sales. if someone sees the ultra-powerful weapon, they’re going to ask “where can I get that?” and then go drop the money in the shop. sadly this is one reason pay to win still works so well.

  4. Stupid ideots, whos goin to play that fake free to play wich is locked 😀 only morons like developers, this system not working.

    They should make cash shop where people can buy xp boosters thats it! Free players will not going to play tus fake, web have tonns of pure free to play games. f**** jews

  5. As to SWTOR going f2p…. I sadly don’t think so. as nice as it would be, EA won’t let any money slip through their fingers. They would keep it pay to play until the subscriber base dropps way below 50. yes, I left that last zero off on purpose. Only because I know how EA likes to do things.

  6. I am psyched about this news..been in and out of work trying to save for a car when i am making money and just cant afford to pay to play right now..but my stomach has been turning knowing that im missing out on this game..i got in for the free weekend and only stopped playing cuz i fell asleep in my chair and was auto logged…….been wanting to get back in ever since…i can not wait for f2p swtor!!!

  7. you know why? cause they start to have less and less subscribers. still I don’t think they will go full free2play, maybe like wow, free forever but only till lvl 20

  8. Nice… but its only to lvl 15…. soon enough its going to have to go fully free-to-play. Its sad that i find free to play games that are BETTER then this game. Yeah sure story is good, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you market the game for. You expect me to pay 60$ then 15$ per month to play a game that plays exactly like a normal rpg… This deserve’s the free to play model, like almost every pay-to-play game does.

  9. look is it f2p or is it just like world of warcraft its free to a certain lvl then you have to pay! that is not f2p,f2p means the entire game is free no weekly monthly yearly payments!

  10. SWTOR F2P?Yeah, its a good game, BUT, it is losing their playerbase day by day, and the lack of endgame content dont help.I think they are protected by 2 letters: EA.Any way, its very “wrong” to turn f2p now, since millions of people have purchased the game.It will turn f2p, but will take a looong time.

  11. What is funny is the main office for Bioware is about 350 kilometers north of where i live in….

    I dont have to call them, i can just drive 2-3 hours to their main office, and start yelling go free to play!
    Guess I don’t have to.

  12. A seasoned mmo player would know better not to play this game. If yet not convinced, just remember the time when it was required to buy the game and pay for monthly subscriptions. Playing it free is much likely showing a gamer is easily swayed or convinced. Playing it free is much a product of scamming millions of people’s money just to make it free at the end(and it has not been a year from it release. Currently just 7 months).

    There’s a very good reason why TOR lost subscribers at a drastic rate. It’s a bad game milking a franchise overrated not by its early films, but by Lucas himself. Yet a franchise unfortunately have not died.

  13. yeah this is just another lame attempt at calling a trial a free to play game. they do it with Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and World of Warcraft… Bioware is famous for never going free to play they won’t change. Heck the president of the company said he would rather kill his whole family than even think of making their ancient game Dark Age of Camelot free to play which is wayyyyyy older than World of Warcraft.

    Don’t expect them to change it will always be pay to play this is just a trial they are offering to try and bring in more customers. I bet the trial accounts can’t whisper, do dungeons, or do anything in the game other than the basic quest up to level 15.

    A true free to play game has full access to the entire game the only difference in paid and free content is what can be gained by a cash shop or more character/bank/bag/costume slots and sometimes mounts. A free to play game never limits levels or interface/chat options that’s how you tell its a trail.

    • what are you talking about Lord of the rings is free you can earn chashshop currency in game to buy stuff lol same for Dungeons and dragons. Dont talk about Turbin games if you dont know anything about them

      • Both of turbine’s games are only pay to enjoy. It takes a long grind to earn up enough cash shop points to buy even the most basic of quest packs, and that’s probably all you’ll be buying just to increase the amount of grindable quests. not only that, but you’ll be rerolling a crap ton of chars just to get your first one. I saw the time vs money calculations on their forums done by the community. overall, both of those are good games and if you like them and don’t mind the grind and endless experimentation of rolling tons of chars, it can be quite enjoyable to grind.

  14. Its great in the sense that it’ll bring more players to the game, it’s disappointing the the sense that I was stupid and bought the collectors edition 🙁

  15. EA has his hands on this one, expect a pay2win model, imbalanced premium skills and paying for everything…. even for clicking the mouse…

    • I wouldn’t say mouse clicking but something really close. Although “Emmanuel Lusinchi has revealed that BioWare is taking a look at the free-to-play model” EA will still call the shots and it will definitely be Pay 2 Win. Lets just hope they don’t do like AION did, than were all good ^^)

  16. Well, that was just to be expected.
    Everybody knows that F2P are taking over the market, either that or go with a B2P model like GuildWars

    • Was about to post the same thing. I wouldn’t waste my time with the down/install for level 15. For developers these games are repetitive and redundant you shouldn’t have or need 120 – 900 employees to manage them

  17. Interesting…GamesTM has since removed the articles they had on this. The links are still there but they go Error 404….

    I think the game will have to eventually, the subscriber base is in free fall at the moment.

    • I agree, it is interesting.

      However, the subscriber base is in a drop because the game dished out ban hammers way too fast and hard on their community. They lost maybe at least several people I know in real life in unrealistic bans so, in all fairness I can’t say what another cause might be.

      This killed off a small communities who were interested in the game. Then you had the Star Wars fans if you visit one of their vast community they are all over the place from love too utter disgust. Which put off many people who were still planning too buy the game.

      As a whole I would say treatment of the community and not anything about the game was an the main issue for their fall.

      • Not only the bans but the game had severe issues with it’s features and contents. Recently the delay of the partyfinder caused quite a ruckus as Bioware failed to deliver it in the promised patch and it’s implemented one patch later in the Allies update.

        Even the most blind fans have to admit the game felt unfinished and unpolished even in it’s core and when a developer got the communities hopes up for fixing these issues and fails to complete the promise on schedule that’s a pretty big bad karma point for the whole game.

  18. i knew it … it was foreseeable as hell… F2P is taking over the pay per month game model …
    cause f2p is some thing like a DEMO which has been gone since 99 and now they returning cause nobody like to buy a cat in the bag …

    and im still wondering why game developers still making single players games where the MMO is all about ….

    • Sorry but F2P is NOT like a demo. Free trials are. Free to play games are actually that, AION NA being the prime example on the market.

      • Not funny joke
        All most all p2p games which went to f2p are just free to play demo becuse u have to pay anyway and much more than in p2p if u want to play game…example?
        -Age of Conan
        -Eeverquest 1 + 2
        -Dungeon and Dragons


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