Get your stick mashers ready for another Xbox 360 addition; the team-based MMOTPS World of Tanks has officially hit the digital shelves for XBL Gold subscribers. Players with a XBL Silver subscription can also find an edition offering a seven day trial.

An old favorite of the PC community, this adaption of WoT features a new control scheme that is sure to sync natural playability with twin-stick controllers, making an easy transition into its new console home. HDTV optimization for the UI should also give the existing player base looking to make the the switch a little more reason to do so.

Any new players looking to join the fun should do so before the end of the month, as there are Founders Packs available at cheap prices using in game currency that will drastically enhance your arsenal. Packs are now 40% off and emphasized as a limited time only.

Don’t miss out on the free rounds and check out World of Tanks for Xbox 360!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Consols are bullshit anyway. Who needs a Console when you can play it on PC??? Why should i waste my money on a system that has lower specs then my pc has ??? i can hook up a controller to my pc asswell. Real Gamers play on PC Console Gamers are just noobass casuals. Thx god this the last console generation anyway nomore need for this bullshit systems. Buy a PC and start to game for real kids dont waste your time with dumbed down shitty grafic games get the real thing save this money to buy a good PC (you will get more from it in the long run). Or wait for more STEAM BOXES to come. Consoles are done long live the king PC and bey bey console real gamer dont miss you at all.

  2. This is only the second time free to play gaming has come to consoles. & since Xbox 360 can run older games that have been out for a while I think it’s awesome that they are going to keep 360 alive even though I do not like Microsoft you have to say for the times 360 was a nice console. I think marvel Heroes is going to be the next free to play mmo for any of the consoles. If we are really going to talk about F2P games for consoles I think Play Station 3 & 4 are the way to go. I hope s shit ton of F2p games come out for all 4 consoles (Xbox 360 & 1 & PS 3 & 4) it will open new horizons for the whole entire PC, console & F2P market. Really hope they also make them all cross platform. It would be nice to see games such as Never Winter, GW2, Content of the 9th, Atlantica online, Hell all the Mobas can be played on a controller since they do not have many abilities for the toons i think like between 5 & 7? Any way to wrap this us let the F2P come games for all platforms & let’s have fun playing them.

  3. It is not about owning the console, it is about making a game for a console that has been out so long that it is obsolete.

    Warthunder, PS4
    Everquest landmark / next, PS4.

    Other big titles are coming for xbox one.

    I dont care if its for ps4 or xbox one, they had time to make it for a new console and they did not.

  4. So the majority of arguments are “Because it wasn’t on my system that I own,I’m pissed.”
    Guess what? There will always be that argument,it will always exist no matter if it’s this game or vice versa.

    There are games on PS3 I wish I could play,and I know my one friend has liked some Xbox exclusive games.It will always be a back and forth,and you know why? Because they can make money off it.Why do you think they make console exclusive titles? Why not make them cross platform?

  5. I have to rebuttal your comment. It is understandable to pay for internet. But not to pay for a service just to play games online. Xbox & microshit is a double tap on your wallet Let’s say internet is 40 bucks a month, That’s what I pay for fios, Internet only I don’t have cable through them I have free cable. & Xbox is another 15 bucks a month I think I don’t have one. That is paying twice, once for internet & once for Xbox. As with PS4 if it is a free to play game such as Warframe or DC Universe you do not have to pay for PS+ to play it. It is totally free without paying for an extra service. So i would have to say NO WOT FOR XBOX IS NOT FREE TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. LIES! not F2P when you have to pay Microsoft dumb asses should have went with Playstation.
    they are embracing F2P practically and you don’t have to pay to play online! world of tanks is going to be a world of fail on xbox360

    • One would assume those who are interested in playing WoT on the Xbox would already own a gold subscription. Obviously it would of been better for MS to make it available to everyone, but it really hasn’t ever been their policy. F2P was a good time to change that and maybe they will in the future, but for now technically the game is F2P. Just like technically PC F2P games are F2P even though you need to pay for the internet to download and access them.

  7. Technically this is not a free to play game! if you do not have xbox gold you can’t play it so you still have microcrap money to play the game dumbasses!


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