Digital Extremes has implemented Phase 1 of the Warframe Melee revamp. The changes brought in the revamp are designed to offer players smoother, faster, and more fluid combat.

This first phase of the revamp improves combat by allowing players to switch between firearm and melee instantly. It also offers players more control over ground slams, improves visuals, and changes keybindings (Yes… Some will become obsolete.)

A full rundown on the changes is available on the Warframe site. Digital Extremes also posted a short clip of the changes in action on their Twitter account. You can watch that below.

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  1. It’s pretty much a game about collecting stuff (lore used to be good as well, but they’ve ruined most of it by now). Everything else is just a pretty backdrop to show off your collection. It’s still fun if that’s what you want, but I kind of pity thouse who are trying to play and enjoy it as something it isn’t and probably never will be.

  2. I quit this game year ago, i cant play so easy game anymore and there is still no endgame content, pvp is dead, archwing missions is dead and boredom, raids and trials is so bad complicated and boring, core game was great but all i mentioned ruined game, also harvesting ruined game even more, you dont need party for anything u can solo anything, boring mmo , going to sell my character , game is still good for beginners but late game there is just nothing to do , trading system is disaster also it was 2nd reason i quit, there is no auction house , you can sell buy in forum or other sites or in chat only!


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