If you’ve been a little worried about the state of TERA on consoles with the upcoming closure of En Masse Entertainment, you can start to breathe a little bit easier. As we talked about on this episode of MMO Thoughts after we spoke to Krafton (Bluehole Studios) about the situation, TERA on consoles will begin the transition to being self published by the Krafton team.

According to Sarumonin, a TERA console content creator that works closely with the console dev team, the transition will begin on September 14th with the closure of the EME cash shop on both the PlayStation and XBox versions of the MMORPG. NA, EU, and Japanese console versions of the game will then transition to Krafton on October 15th, most likely with the cash shop currency being renamed to something not containing “En Masse” in the title.

Players will not have to restart their account or anything, but they will be asked to acknowledge new terms and conditions (and give the company permission to move your account) as part of the publisher transfer. The transfer is not expected to impact the upcoming cross-play plans for TERA. You can also expect to not be able to make purchases in the interim month.

This console transition was also announced by Tamura Koji, Head of the Console Department for Krafton, via Twitter.

PC players will have to wait for any official word on the publisher for their version of the game, but you can probably rest assured you’ll be fine. It’s really just a question of “who and when”, not “if.”

Thanks to MMOBomber YPhann for the heads-up!

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