World of Warcraft, WildStar, Eve Online, Guild Wars 2, and many other games all have ways to (effectively) buy in-game currency with real money. Typically, that involves some sort of “cash exchange” where you decide to pony up, say, $15, and you get 20,000 gold or whatever that another player has accumulated and wants to sell for subscription time or cash shop currency. It’s maybe a little pay-to-winnish, but it’s been more or less accepted by MMO gamers.

What would make that kind of system better, you might ask? How about removing the “exchange” part that involves another player and adding randomized loot boxes to the mix? Brilliant!

That would seem to be the mindset of En Masse Entertainment, which added Federation Gem Crates to the TERA cash shop. The loot boxes give one of four packages of gems, which can then be sold to vendors in the game for gold.

As one Redditor has pointed out, that’s not such a great deal. He opened 60 boxes — about $100 worth — and only got the two lowest tiers of gems. He summarized the amount of gold redeemed for his efforts as “TL;DR not worth.”

Federation Gem Crates are only available for sale until 11:00 PST on Feb. 27, so act quickly if you want to get … well, something.

Hat tip to Massively OP for the news.

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  1. If you’re not a gambler, then don’t buy loot boxes. It’s already established from people who’ve bought them that they’re not worth it. I don’t see what makes this any different from other already existing lootboxes. You can get the dragon mount lootboxes and make 200k+ if you get lucky and that’s existed in Tera for over a year now. I personally don’t think Dragon Mounts are a bigger offender than this RNG box. Or that time when you could purchase spellbinds/alkahest straight from the shop to enhance your gear.

    In fact, almost every F2P MMO I know of has some sort of lootbox that gets you rich in-game off of pulling a jackpot or getting straight up screwed by RNG.

    Good click bait though. Controversy and contradiction is a great way to form conversation.

  2. Jesus I don’t even play Tera and this was the worst business decision any company could have made 😆. This will break the market so bad. Items that already have set prices will increase because you can just buy gold to afford it now. I can see it now… $200 for this rare item…….. It’s gonna be harder for those who worked HARD to earn their items. R.i.p tera……..

      • It’s such a shame, as for quite some time, they were seriously rocking it with the game. Then it all went tits-up.
        Making BAMs far too easy to solo. It was more fun to be forced to take them on in groups, which in turn, gave you a chance to make some friends.
        The constant pandering to weeaboos and perverts with the female-only classes for countless updates (not entirely their fault specifically, but TERA’s in general).
        The “streamlining” of quests and making it far too easy to level-up. I returned after a year’s break, to find hardly anything to do quest-wise and flew through the areas without even trying. Just didn’t see any point in playing, if there was no effort.
        Now gambling lootboxes. It’s suffice to say that they have lost my respect as decent publishers.


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