Santa Claus is typically depicted as being, shall we say, plump. As a result, he probably has a, to put it mildly, generous posterior.

So if En Masse Entertainment wants you to hunt down fake Santas in TERA, does that mean you’re going after a different brand of “Big Ass Monsters”? Maybe, but we’d be more inclined to just call the game’s holiday event “Ass.”

From now until Dec. 31, if you spot a false Santa in the world, you can hunt it down for the chance to receive a Locked Toy Box, which contains three Wintera tokens — used to purchase items from a special holiday vendor — as well as other random items. You’ll need a key to open the Locked Toy Box, and you receive one per day. If you want more, you’ll have to buy them from the cash shop.

So, let’s re-iterate: You can participate in an activity that has a chance of dropping a loot box, most of which you’ll need to pay money to open. In other words, if you play TERA, you might be granted the opportunity to spend money, if you’re “lucky.” Fun!

For more on this “event,” and the times you might be so fortunate as to chance across something that may drop something you might want but you’ll only know if you spend money on it, visit the TERA site.


  1. Used to support them, now, really don’t like them at all. Only a company that actually streams themselves calling their loyal players “spoiled” could have a forum full of ex-devotees that are now devoted to laughing at their horribly greedy choices. Now, they simply tell players dumping cash upon them with concerns to “take it to the forums,” so their naive, unpaid assistant can deal with all of the anger and resentment.

  2. EME used to be well liked, and I liked them too. But after Kritika, which was a complete mess under them, my opinion of them changed. Now people look at the games they launch, and wonder when it will get dropped, as most of the games they’ve released, have since been dropped, with some not really lasting too long.

  3. 10/10 enmasse keep dropping that player base =D all other games give stuff away you sell it you and dauntless alone shall show the other devs the right way


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