Today Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment announced their MMORPG, Neverwinter, is ending its Open Beta and will officially launch on June 20th. This marks a positive note for a game that has dealt with some major exploit issues, negative feedback, and character balance problems throughout the Open Beta. While the game has had its fair share of player outrage, the current attitude has shifted from frustration to hopefulness.

To reward players for participating in the Open Beta, Perfect World will have an in-game promotional event right before the official launch. Additionally when Neverwinter launches it will do so with the all new end-game feature, Gauntlgrym. Gauntlgrym is a three stage event in which players compete on 20 person teams in both PvP and PvE combat, with the winning team claiming the right to a final dungeon which rewards its champions with Tier 2 equipment. As a small token for their efforts, the losing team will enter a dungeon which rewards Tier 1 equipment.

Also announced was the game’s first expansion, entitled Fury of the Feywild, which is set to be released some time this summer. The free expansion will explore the Fomorian Giants attempt to seize the Elven city of Sharandar. More information about the expansion will be available on the expansion’s official teaser site here as the release date approaches.

In the mean time, enjoy these Gauntlgrym screenshots.










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  1. I walked away from this one for numerous reasons; at the time I had a level 46 wizard and a 20 rogue.

    — Firstly, Rogues are overpowered. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and probably has a rogue themselves. In PVP I would never die to anything BUT a rogue because only rogues can lock you out of all actions and dodging for 6 seconds at a time. Once a rogue jumps you you will die, especially if he has good gear. Period. It’s completely unbalanced.

    — Second reason was that the economy was beyond borked. The reps claim it’ll settle itself, but when? Months down the road? I’m sorry but I’m not about to wait that long just so I can manage to secure myself some good gear. But then the problems come in at..

    — Reason #3 : Dungeons, players and the queue system. Okay so, for the record I wanna say the queue system SUCKS DRY NOODLES!!! At level 46 I was queueing up for dungeons and waiting over 50 minutes, close to an hour and sometimes even then it would not find me a group. Meanwhile PVP queues pop in 2 minutes or less.

    I’ve had groups full to the brim with all rogues, all wizards and just..oh my god. It doesn’t care what class you are–it just grabs people willy-nilly and forms groups of 5. It’s just a bad queue system period.

    Dungeons being party-focused affairs present a large problem; players who are not that good, or players who have egos so overinflated that they figure they’re Superman, charge in, die, rage at you and then quit the dungeon. That hurts the party and substantially cuts down success chance. The whole dungeoning aspect just leaves a horrid and sour taste in one’s mouth.

    Lastly, Astral Diamonds just aren’t worth anything. Dailies award only pitiful amounts and at the exchange rate of 350 diamonds per 1 zen, I calcuated that if I wanted a character slot expansion for free I would need to grind out 175,000 diamonds. Needless to say Daily Dungeons were out of the question since people wouldn’t know how to find their arse with two hands and a search warrant…so I was stuck with just daily foundries and daily PVP and skirms, which brought in maybe 8000 diamonds total a day (ballparking it since I haven’t played in weeks) and that’s if I did them all. Needless to say that would take 22 days to earn the diamonds needed for 500 total zen. 22 days of repetitive nonsense to save $5. Free or not, my time is money.

    So I threw down my towel and walked away. For a D&D game there’s barely any story and what bits you discover from NPCs are not enough to flesh out the world. I will warn you–if you plan on playing this game, play it casual. Do not try to go hardcore at it or you will burn out and find yourself disgusted in the amount of shameless repetition this game has. All mmos are repetitive, but this one is repetition without context.

    • FYI everything you have stated has changed, the zen ratio is much lower, rogues etc everyone is getting balance thus why they said it was beta still, they need to test and fix. People running in and dying in dungeons is people not the game. Get a real group of players and it becomes much better, dungeon finder has never worked in any game and will always give you borked players. DIamonds is easily obtainable by crafting, dailies etc. I’ve gained a total of 1.5 mln diamonds just from crafting , selling gear and doing dailies and invocation as well. So please stop spreading false information about the game.

    • U are just noob in DD:NW, its not true about PvP, learn to play and dodge. CW are only OP class and after Module 1 will be more OP.

  2. Battle does not continue, battle follows suit of ALL it’s titles. They will do this big catering and song and dance for first month of release, then it will go into PWI, FW, RaiderZ, etc. land where it is left years un touched and upgraded when the decision comes to try to remove it or revive it.

  3. I think RIFT will own this. Don`t get me wrong, Neverwinter is awesome, I tested it, but RIFT has so much more content and interesting stuff you can do in your “free time” in-game. Plus, it won`t have any dungeon/instance/level or expansion restrictions for free players.

    • Here again someone who opens their mouth about how rift has more content when in fact rift is stuck with no more content. On the other hand Neverwinter has a dungeon builder and offers the player/users to create almost any type of mission they want and create content thus unlimited content. So your statement is untrue and you should do your research before commenting.

  4. You kids who have only played 4 lvls need to stop talking trash, This game is a good game in general and the statics prove it. Its unique interesting F2P and the graphics are awesome, if you wont take the time to get maxed out then do not take the time to shut it down. Oh and a simple FACT, all beta’s have game breaking problems. ALL OF THEM thats why they are BETA.

    • I had 2 max level characters in both closed and open beta and I can tell you it is crappy. the group matching is still shitty the classes are all too generic and useless and the game offers no real play just all tank and spank you need NO strategy just learn how to dodge and you can beat the whole game with ease with enough potions… its typical perfect world cash cow crap and should be ashamed to use the dungeons and dragons name.

    • The minute a beta starts asking for 200 dollars I know it’s not a beta. It’s a “I’m labeling this beta so when things get bad I can fall back on it and claim it’s still a beta.”

      A real beta doesn’t charge money to play. It’s only purpose is to TEST the game.

      Don’t think we’re stupid enough to be fooled by this Kaarnaij.

      Closed Beta was a launch.

      Had they made a real beta then all the game-breaking bugs they had wouldn’t have occurred and they could’ve just wiped everything and started over.

      Do you know why they couldn’t? Because of how many people invested tons of hours into the game and tons of money. They couldn’t wipe the game without pissing them off.

      Making a fake beta is what damaged their reputation and their game. They deserve every bad review they get.

  5. Neverwinter should be called something entirely different! The D&D label & neverwinter name should be striped from this game! DDO is way better when playing an actual D&D game! If you like spamming the same keys over & over again play it. If not don’t download it & play DDO for a real D&D feel & experience. Neverwinter Graphics good, story & quests good, combat very stiff & clunky, toon development totally shitty all most none, music is ok, to call it a D&D game NO WAY i SHIT on that!

  6. this game was fun, and still is, but if you’re going to get serious with this game, don’t, the eco is ruined, they say it’s a release date but in all reality it’s already been released their just a bad company, there has been over 5 game breaking exploits in this game that has been going on since day one of open beta, they are not wiping characters or anything for the “luanch” people were able to get unlimited astral diamonds, (Real money currency), and other exploits allowed people to one shot mobs, which flooded the market with all the best endgame items, while these were fixed 2 WEEKS after game release there are still plenty more they don’t know about, there is another 1 shot exploit where I’m doing over 4m dmg a hit, this game isn’t worth the time, they force you to pay money to progress end game, if you want good enchants, good luck, 1% chance of actually getting a basic enchant, OR pay real money for a ward which makes it 100% chance, this game won’t last long, I sold 3 level 60 accounts for 10$ a piece because this game is dying, fast, this is a casual game, something that is fun for 2-3 weeks then you’ll most likely quit.
    They ruined this game.

    • I was about to download it again. I now realize it’s just another piece of shit pay to win f2p. Thanks for the wake up call.

    • While I think some parts of this you’re exaggerating (I’ve read a lot on this game) I do know there is some truth.

      I played very little because of how casual this game is. Forget each Class having a role or purpose, this is a Jack-of-all-Trades game.

      It felt so generic and almost none of my actions felt like they had any purpose.

      Also, some people liked the art/graphics, I hated them. It was like WoW. I wanted serious, mature graphics but the art design in this game is, once again, designed for casual players.

      I think it’s decent, sure, but I was hoping for something more serious, with more consequences for actions, better grouping systems, not generic class development that involves almost no real customization.

      Don’t support this game if you want something more substantial. Otherwise, be casual and support them. I hope someone makes a more mature version so my only option isn’t DDO.

    • yup false information by someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about, the economy is no where ruined. All exploits have been fixed and dealt with and the biggest thing NO they don’t FORCE u to buy anything. I’ve played the game since the beginning and made plenty of in game currecncy (astral diamonds) from dailies, crafting etc and not once had to buy anything. The only one who ruined this game is you, 3 level 60s really? the game isn’t about levle to 60 as fast as possible, it has some of the best dungeon content and additionally building levels to publish add so much more than any other mmo can offer. SO please stop spreading false information.

      • Yea exploits are fixed but 90% texture bugs in instance not, u can skip whole instance to get to last boss and get easy loot in 10-15mins. They need more work with this texture bugz/exploits.

      • Please tell me about how great that 7 hour rollback was when the AD glitch has been known about since the ‘Open Beta’ release. Best dungeon content? While leveling, the entire dungeon is like killing boars on the way to see the Wizard of Oz, and the only challenge is ever the last boss, and it’s not because the fight is challenging, just that they have massive amounts of health for no seeming reason. Hell, at 60, the dungeons are practically the same. I honestly believe it is you, who should stop spreading false information.

  7. 3gb. so where is the update of new class? hmm so they will make new paragon path and fixes some balances? if not they might be probably owned again by TR and CW with all of their DC in game


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