More than a year after its NA counterpart released, Dragon Nest EU is finally giving beta keys out. News came yesterday that closed beta keys would begin heading out in massive amounts. For those of you who always seem to miss out on being the lucky one there is one saving grace. This comes in the form of a limited chance at beta keys for anyone and everyone on the Dragon Nest Europe official web site coming up on the 12th of February. So perhaps an exclusive open beta period that then goes back into closed beta until the game’s official release on March 6th.

If you happen to get into the Closed Beta you may be happy to hear that EFusion has promised no database wipes on all characters during the CBT if the server hits 8,000 concurrent users. That certainly seems doable in my eyes given the game’s popularity in the West at launch, but that was in 2011 and times are changing. Still best of luck to the players. Having participated in a large share of fun CBTs, I can attest to how much it hurts to know you will have to do it all over at launch. You have my encouragement and sympathies.

If you are interested in scoring a beta key, eFusion is holding beta giveaway events on the game’s FB page here.

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  1. Hah, what about CherryCredits’s DN? It has an bigger population than the official…. This wont be very popular i promise..

  2. I think its 2 late for DN.. EU players could have (Within the 2 years) Just played NA DN.. The game is dead in NA an I suspect it will be dead in EU.

    • i think the NA version is ip blocked in europe(not sure)my friend from canada plays it and i cant join him( i am from europe)though i am not sure if he plays the SEA or NA one

      • NA version is limited to NA, so yeah, Europe is IP blocked. Nexon killed the game by itself though; they didn’t even accept Mexico and having only NA the community was pretty small, mind you the “chibi” style of the game isn’t that appealing to most players.

        The SEA version lags by the ammount of people in the servers at certain hours, and the EU version is going to accept not only Europe, but some other countries with no dedicated servers.

        They’re also starting with an updated client, the one DNSEA had after a year of service, and translated the game to 3 new languages -French, Spanish and German-.

        I actually think this version will do MUCH better than the NA one, getting numbers just below SEA version, which, as I said before, gets full servers everyday at some hours.

  3. Yeah, you could play the SEA (cherry credits) version as long as you weren’t from the continental US, or China. But unless you were from the region, the ping was a bit dodgy, thus making PVP a crapshute.

  4. Well, I don’t have time to play this now, I’ll see about it in the future. As for beta players, I think it would be unfair to new players if the continue with the profiles they built up during beta stage of the game.
    They should create 2 servers, and put beta testers on one, and new players on the other.

  5. Wait closed beta? Wasn’t this game lauched already? Also I thought you could play it on cherrycredits if you are in europe, at least that’s what I did. So WTF?

    • cherrycredits’s Dragon Nest is the Southeast Asia version. It doesn’t have IP blocks except for regions that have their own version of Dragon Nest. So it’s kind of like a global version.

  6. I do not see any beta key event on their facebook page. Some guy directed me to some polish website, but I guess I’ll wait a little since they said they had given 100k keys or something.

    • DNGsea is the same as anyother DNG out there. the text and naming of items and dungeon might be the only problem if you are comparing sea to other DNG.

      • Actually, Dragon Nest SEA and NA both have engrish translation of the game story and very low consistency when refering to things (sometimes they call it Light Magic, other times Lightning, then they use the term Ultimate Damage and later Final Damage…) They even messed up some quests where they ask for one thing and you have to do another.

  7. interesting i hope they hit 8k users otherwise more than 8k users will waste their time in the cb :P.good luck to them i am not tryin this for now i might try it in the future depending on how everything goes


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