UPDATE: MOP has updated their piece with a statement from Trion Worlds, confirming that 15 staff members have been let go.

The not-so-stellar launch of Defiance 2050 isn’t the only bad news coming out of Trion Worlds this week. MassivelyOP is reporting that several high-profile employees previously associated with ArcheAge are seeking new employment.

The casualties that we know of at this time include Associate Producer Seraphina Brennan, Customer Support/Environmental Artist Jessica Pate, and Community Manager Joe “Muzzy” Brogno. Brogno posted a message on the ArcheAge forums, handing off the community to Linda “Brasse” Carlson, a veteran of community management with both Trion and SOE/Daybreak.

We’ll update this piece if we learn of any more employees leaving Trion.

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  1. Man… I remember when Trion Worlds used to be loved by the gaming community(back when RIFT first launched as a P2P game). It’s a shame to see how low they’ve stooped, specially after they refocused their model and started going into the F2P scene by buying cheap Asian-developed games and republishing them in the West… which makes sense financially but they shortly became increasingly greedy with their games whilst not offering much in returns and all the good faith they had is now gone. The only people that I hear talking good about their games anymore are people that have invested too much in their game and now have a case of stockholms.

    I don’t blame Trion Worlds, though. Gamers tend to have a very short memory and get pulled into the same schemes again, and again. It’s not really a surprise that Trion Worlds decided to keep doing what made them the most profits when gamers buy ‘founders packs’ as soon as they’re available… most of which tend to cost more than good AAA or P2P/B2P games.

    In general though, It’s a good idea to avoid F2P games not developed in-house. They tend to have terrible management and large updates or even minor fixes take a lot longer to push out because they have to work with the original developers.

  2. GOOD NEWS , rats flee from sinking ship ! Company of scammers, pay to win games they call free to play ! Defiance 2050 was the same PAY TO WIN game, its totally empty now with huge lags! Every trion game isPAY TO WIN cash grab +SUBSCRIPTION + CASH SHOP, i wish to see that company of scammers will be shut down ASAP , stop fool people !

  3. Not too surprising tbh.

    As for defiance 2050, i don’t know why they bothered, particularly for the PC version.

    Honestly expect trion to shut down sooner rather later especialy if they don’t sort stuff out


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