Secret World Legends is going back to where everything started, Tokyo. The first of three major content updates, Tokyo: Back to the Beginning, opens up the the monster-infested Japanese city to players, taking Secret World Legends players up to where the story in The Secret World left off. This means that all future updates will be all new content.

In fact, the beginning of the new storyline is due out sometime this winter. When, exactly, hasn’t been announced. Access to Tokyo is available now for players that have made it to that point in the story.

In other news, Funcom announced today that players who have existing Funcom Points can now convert them to Aurum (SWL’s premium currency) via the Funcom Point to Aurum Exchange. The exchange is available for a limited time so players with Funcom points will need to trade them in before September 4. And of course, there are some rules you need to be aware of.

The first is that this exchange is only good for players on a copied Secret World Legends account — meaning that the account was created from a TSW account. Other details are as follows:

  • This service exchanges all your eligible Funcom Points to Aurum. There are no partial exchanges allowed.
  • The max amount of Funcom Points allowed to exchange is 12,000.
  • Only Funcom Points purchased from July 1st 2016 to June 26th 2017 are eligible for exchange.
  • Bonus points are NOT eligible for exchange.
  • Funcom points to Aurum are exchanged at a 12 to 10 ratio. (1201 Funcom points exchanges into 1000 Aurum, with 1 Funcom Point remaining)
  • The exchange is not reversible
  • This process is a onetime event and cannot be repeated
  • You MUST have at least 1 character on your Secret World Legends account to use this service.

More information on the service and how to use it is available on the Secret World Legends site.

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