Looking to tear into some meaty PvP this weekend? Then you might be interested to know Square Enix is hosting an Open Beta weekend for their upcoming Vampire versus Human action title Nosgoth. The full open beta isn’t scheduled until sometime this winter, but you can join in the asymmetrical fun for a limited time starting this Thursday, August 7th.

During the open weekend, new and returning players can enjoy double xp gains along with earning an exclusive in-game badge, because badges make everything more special. Throughout its closed beta Nosgoth has enjoyed a steady amount of updates, adding a new class for both sides in addition to new abilities, weapons, maps and more.

Players will be able to download the game through Steam starting on the 7th and play until the event wraps up on Sunday, August 10th. For more information on the event, Square has provided a handy FAQ here.

For an idea of what we thought of Nosgoth, check out our first impressions of the closed beta below:

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    • In fact, it’d make sense if progression was only nominal during most of the beta and only in the last phases where they’re finetuning progression should they actually have such events.

  1. If the game had PVE stuff, i would play it, but its only PVP , no thanks. I don’t play too many PVP games anymore, sick of the hacking, less stress for me. Looks like a good looking game though, but only pvp, sigh

      • Hey man, you got a speck of dust on that fine suit of white armor. People are allowed to dislike a game, get over it. Been playing since CBT started and I’m still not a fan of the game.


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