The Tubemen of Regor are coming! No, not to your sci-fi B-movie collection from the 50s, but to Warframe. The action-packed update, which is now live for PC, features new PvP game modes and maps, a new tileset on Uranus, new weapons, trails, and customization options for the discerning tenno.

The Sealab is the new area, hidden away in Uranus’ swirling ocean of toxic gasses. New weapons include the boltace, a set of tonfa, the daikyu, a powerful ranged weapon, and a particle cannon called the atomos, which can “melt rock to ore, and enemies to molten slag.” I know which one I’m picking.

Fans of PvP have several new options in their conclaves, with team and free-for-all annihilation deathmatches, as well as three new PvP augment mods and four new maps. Nightmare trials will test even the most battle-hardened tennos, while the stylish new Caggro Sugatra customization and Adventus Arrow Skin Collection let you do your slaying in style.

Tubemen of Regor is currently available for PC players, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait a few more weeks for it to make it through those consoles’ approval processes.

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  1. One thing though,other F2P companies should definitely take note of how $ currency works in this game I mean damn just by trading items you can make 100 platinum(paid currency) easily and you get 150 platinum free with a new account to use. Any weapon that is sold for plat on the $ market is easily bought with in-game credits and crafted by just spending 10 minutes getting the resources for it, I personally have never seen a company or game do better.

  2. Great game but no goals. Lots of enemies but no point of killing them or challenge. Great mechanics but no real complex combat system. Different planets but they’re all the same missions expect when you get to a boss. Limited inventory unless you get you’re hands on platinum. This is just another hack n’ slash for mindless dummies with no real incentive another then make your character look cool.

  3. Game was a great idea and had a fun early open beta. The updates kill it each update at a time. We can start with the dumbing down of the physics they did. They said it was to “stop bugs”, but they just could not code proper 3D physics (I miss when objects meant somethin, not just the DASH button.
    The tacticel edge went down. Early game, an assault tenno was useful to shoot n scoot. Then they made it all based on rushing, using “magic”, and to enhance this they adde dthose enemies that spawn magically behind you with shields to “push you out” and rush and cast magic. That was my uninstall moment.
    The sell out to Perfect World, the cash grab on consol potato bois, and the entire dumbing down grind fest just has no retrun value, no matter how many ’tile sets” you add. Story as shallow as my 2 year olds pool is another “not wortht the download”.

    • Perfect World has yet to do anything in warframe as far as I know and that deal was just so they could publish in china. Though the china version might be “pay2win” idk I dont live in china.

  4. And yet here you speaking about the game giving 0 fks about screw up with the giveaway and did nothing about it.. GJ.

  5. Loved the game, but its unplayable with peer-2-peer servers. Any mission can be beat just by having one person lag the game out, and all the enemies just stand there and except death. Peer-2-Peer has ruined this game for me.

    • Tats ur own problem , i rarely have lags, for not premade missions set minimum ping and u never join poor connections.


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