If you’re ever in doubt that Ultima Online has been around a really, REALLY long time, just remember that its 100th update will be going live in the near future. For now, it’s close enough to being live — hanging out on the PTS.

Granted as far as “major” updates go, this one might seem to just fall into that category, as it’s more of a bug fix update than a new content thing.

Still, that’s a pretty big number as far as major updates go. So, congrats to the UO folks for the milestone.

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  1. The milestone yes of course is great!.
    The update is kind not aw inspiring at all, alongside their f2p model which is restrictive and does not give the new player a chance to get the feel the game.
    The problem is the UO devs are blinded by their own game and do not think that a new player needs anything, they think you can just pop in new players, the problem there is they pop out and are never seen again!
    The UO dev team needs to wake up, splash their faces with FREEZING COLD WATER and do a lot more work on this game to get it up to scratch with what a new player today is. Stop holding on to old worn ideas of the game, bring a new UO out of its coffers. It’s why Lord British tried 3d. poorly at the time, but it was an idea and yes he’s still doing things poorly today this might be a UO curse thing.
    I’m not saying go 3d but it would be a branch to look at. UO needs another team to re-address this game. I never thought I ever say that, reality says UO needs help.
    The unbelievable part is UO are still this day fixing old scripts ti the game.
    UO stayed stagnant. Wow has adapted itself for a new audience.
    Shroud of avatar tried poorly and badly, they did with what they had, nothing, they now have a reasonable team, the games still shit because they stayed on the same track and concepts of when they started with the idea, they seem unable to branch onto new ideas, instead they are keeping in line with UO’s stubborn ways. The UO Curse, Stubbornness! and Lord British was the head of UO and is the head of SOA. The irony is all there.
    Sometimes it is better to let go a idea and branch off to a new better one than to keep on working an old idea thinking we can’t changed that! can we!??!
    Unfortunately In UO’s and SOA’s case they just can’t. Hence the UO Curse

    (comment due to re playing UO again last week and also SOA )


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