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Reddit sleuths have uncovered a tantalizing bit of code in Marvel Heroes that references the PlayStation. It’s been long rumored that the superhero ARPG might be a great fit for consoles — especially with a lot of the changes being made to the game recently — so the speculation has some merit.

The thread discussing the code can be found here, with a direct link to the code in question here. The code references “PlayStation” a number of times, as well as “PS4Demo,” so it doesn’t take Professor X levels of mind-reading to figure out what’s going on. The first commenter, of course, has another totally plausible explanation:

“This is referencing an obscure 70’s era Marvel Hero Plastacionius Feour Or PlayStation4 for short. He’s an alien who can only dash 3 times every 12 seconds.”

There’s been no official word from Gazillion on the code leak, of course, and we wouldn’t expect any until the company is ready to make a formal announcement. What do you think about Marvel Heroes on PS4? Is it something you’d be interested in trying out?

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