Last week, we reported on the conflict between Improbable and Unity, which threatened to deep-six several games that were in development using Improbable’s SpatialOS. Today, we received word of a resolution between the two companies, which makes Unity an open platform and should help avoid any further contention.

Here’s the full statement from Improbable:

    Improbable is glad that Unity Technologies has done the right thing by making Unity an open platform. Improbable has access to its Unity licenses again and can provide full support to developers building games with Unity and SpatialOS. Improbable is confident that this situation will not arise again. Improbable will continue to update SpatialOS to work with Unity.

    We think the best thing for developers would be for Unity and Improbable to formally partner, and we hope to be able to discuss this in the future.

    This recent blog post talks more about our commitment to long-term support for developers using Unity.

    We would like to move forward positively and would also like to note that what we think is an incredibly positive thing, came out of the events of the last week.

    The three largest third-party engine makers in the games industry have now confirmed that developers should be able to host engines wherever they want in the cloud. This is a key step, technologically, towards making the next generation of virtual worlds possible.

    For more information on the technical details of how SpatialOS works with game engines, please see this blog post.

Now that that crisis has been averted … hey, Jagex, think you could tell us what you’re working on? Pretty please?

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Worlds Adrift is not a free to play game, it only has a free island creator tool one can download, so I don’t know why you use it as background on this site.

    Also, considering how crap their servers are (stopped playing because of the instant kill bugs and terrible lag) it’s hard to see how that technology would be the next generation of virtual worlds.

    • First off, it doesn’t matter if it’s a free to play game. The fact that Worlds Adrift is currently the only launched game using Unity and SpatialOS is the reason it’s the main pic.

      Second, new tech isn’t immediately the BEST thing. Look at PhysX. That was such a niche feature that only a few games really used. Now? It’s in almost every engine you can think of.

      You must really be tight on money to be angry about a few bugs in a game that was in early access at the time of you playing. Because the majority of those have fixed by launch. Also lmao if you think the issues were tied to just the back end. You clearly know nothing of game development so I suggest you don’t talk as if you do.

      • You really keep imagining stuff. Bugs are from early December, and are rooted in the engine and the networking, nothing to do with game design.
        And the game operates with hardcore item and property loss mechanisms, which even on a PvE server can cause the player to lose 10+ hours of collected stuff and the whole ship if there is a untimely death due to bugs in a bad scenario. Like getting thrown off-board by a quick server desync while going through a weather wall, it takes half a minute to get back to the ships helm, but during that time the ship can be turned upside down and critical parts can break, trapping the ship inside the wall until it’s completely destroyed.
        If we want to talk about bad game design, we should definitely mention the highly abusable game mechanics, but I wasn’t talking about that.
        I was instead talking about the technology, which failed to bring any breakthrough and has countless potentially unfixable issues.

      • Did my answer just got removed by moderators without notification? Nice.
        Deleted the site from the favorites and unsubbed from the newsletter. Not worth my time.


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