Bless, the upcoming Unreal Engine 3 free-to-play online game has been postponed indefinitely according to a report on MMO Culture.

The report states that developer Neowiz Bless Studio has confirmed the delay, citing the need to fix major game elements. There are reportedly 9 elements needing work, in all; including server technology, the user interface, character customization, the quest system and combat. MMO Culture, does however state that small-scale focus group testing is slated to return next month.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we can locate an official announcement.

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  1. See, this is the issue with the gaming industry. Way too much focus on the graphics. Has anyone played Bless? It’s practically another garbage copy/paste game with pretty graphics. It also had an insane stamina system that was such a huge issue with Arche Age. If anything, they need to revamp the entire game to be something better. And it’s partially the fault of the consumers for falling into the trap of judging a game based on looks rather than the content.

  2. welp… after Black Desert and Overwatch stop being F2P, I was hoping for Bless and Revelation… But guess Bless it out too. So all that’s left is Revelation… (no, I don’t like BnS’s vip idea and in-game feature removals)

  3. so basically they will rebuild the game using unreal engine 4 instead of 3. not expecting anymore news till the second half of 2016

    • They are not overhauling the engine from what I read. That is a dumb move and someone should be fired if they approve that. What they need to do is hire people that knows what they’re doing.

    • The game can easily be translated from UE3 to UE4, since it’s basically the same engine, but improved.

      I don’t know if this is what they want to do, but graphics don’t make a good game. If the game play is mundane, the game will surely fall into some niche where it’s only admired by children, who only want to see bling-bling.

    • There’s no information on release whatsoever. All info was shared on the closed beta forums, and looks like there’s alot of fixing to do regarding targeting, combat and triggered events, we might hear about it again mid 2016.


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