Valorant‘s Patch 1.05 has arrived, and it covers a lot of ground. First and foremost, a new agent joins the field: Killjoy, a robotics expert who uses her devices to inflict pain upon foes and secure the battlefield. Plus, she has a neat hat. You can unlock her via a contract in the game.

Today’s patch also marks the beginning of Competitive Act II, which makes significant changes to the ranking system. Those are detailed here, and the tl;dr is that your best nine matches and the number of wins you accumulate will be the primary factors in determining your rank. You’ll be able to track your progress through a fancy triangle that includes a number of smaller triangles, which sounds like a pretty cool visualization.

Deathmatches have also been added to the game, 10-player free-for-all fights with no spike to place or defuse. They’ll be available during limited windows, the first of which will be on Wednesday Aug. 5. Various other fixes and tweaks, including a few significant changes to Raze, are also a part of this patch — read all about them on the Valorant site.

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