So, it looks like the Dota 2 community aren’t the only ones thinking the new Netflix anime series will be bringing in new players. Valve seems to think that too, and have announced new features to help potential new players learn the game.

The new system consists of several new additions and changes, such as a streamlined game shop designed to limit the complexity of choices new players will face, a new quest-like system with objectives to help players explore the game in a controlled environment, a handy glossary, and a new player mode, among other things.

Based on the description in the announcement, it appears that the new player objectives and the new player mode — along with the glossary, will fill the role of a tutorial. This is especially true when you take into account that the game now offers wizard tips and that the game’s bots have even been retuned with new players in mind.

With these features, among several others, it’s a bit questionable as to where the tutorial created by the game’s community will stand. Considering players would need to play at least 30 regular games before being able to access the player-made tutorial, it seems likely that that will be best used as supplementary material. After all, when it comes to actual gameplay, the players are sometimes more helpful than the devs.

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