A new teaser from the folks over at Slightly Made Studios showcases a multitude of perspectives within their upcoming racing MMO World of Speed. While the focus of the trailer seems to be on giving a preview of the games perspective, it is not too shy to show off what the team has been up to aesthetically.

With the spotlight on a Pagani Huyara running laps on the Silverstone Raceway in the United Kingdom, the teaser gives potential racers an idea of what racing will look like even on a rainy day. While the gameplay mechanics are not yet tethered to what is happening within the environment, variables for such conditions will be implemented in the future.

Dying to get behind the wheel and burn some digital rubber? You can find sign-ups for beta at the official website, as well as more teasers and a collection of updates on this racer MMO.

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  1. It looks good but that engine sounds like crap for that car and the full throttle acceleration at start is crap. Should of burned some rubber.

    • I agree, TC off RWD with that kind of acceleration should produce some wheel spin, and i’m amazed by its handling is way arcade. Is funny to think the car run like it used handling and acceleration cheat. I’ll be trying this one for lulz. My most anticipated car game is The Crew.

      • I agree, the handling looks way to arcade-ish, I mean, the dev doesnt even try to take a racing line. That’s why it seems boring to some. The handling of it actually reminds me of Drift City. Seems like this will be the more arcade game and The Crew the more realistic one.

  2. Driving physics appear to be nonexistent. Reminds me of NFS:Carbon drifting. It took Practice to do a one-drift but that’s about it. 2hrs max and you mastered it.

    This shit looks like it’ll be happy to welcome rammer noobs and doesnt give a shit about driving mistakes.

  3. I didn’t like it either. If they’re going to make an arcade style racing game, why not make it in a city instead or something? I would find it so boring to play in a real track with arcade style… Nothing interesting to blast through.

    Also the graphics were decent. PS3 games have better graphics than those, and since it’s only tracks and cars I really don’t see why they should cut on the graphics dept.

  4. Do you people really like it? I mean the guy goes into heavy corners like 200 km/h. This is arcade-style racing. If you want a simulation, try Auto Club Revolution.

    • They don’t hide that they’re an arcade racer. They advertise that they are. If you don’t like it… take your own advice.

    • >_> Your driving a car. Really not much to it. Watching a video of one car driving down a track in the rain.. Nothing really to get all that excited about. Comes down to actually racing with others is where the fun will be.


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