Independent game developer Online Warmongers Group Inc. announced that its free-to-play online game “War Inc. Battlezone” has entered open beta testing. Additionally, the company revealed that the game is now available via leading digital distribution platforms Steam and Xfire. The moves give PC gamers worldwide the chance to play one of the most realistic, visually stunning free shooting games on the market.

During the course of pre-beta and closed beta testing, Online Warmongers saw more than 100,000 players from 23 countries join the “War Inc. Battlezone” community. The participation of core and casual shooter fans alongside competitive players helped developers iterate on countless improvements to features, mechanics and balancing. It also helped them establish a skill-based game play environment that isn’t prone to cheating or falling prey to the pay-to-win mentality that weighs down other F2P games. Online Warmongers will continue the effort through even more community empowerment during open beta, addressing issues raised by players and actively engaging them in driving content updates and policing the game for fair play.

The transition to open beta is being supported by the rollout of limited edition starter packages full of heavily discounted in-game items along with the first of many exciting content updates, the addition of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to players’ arsenals. The UAV update comes on the heels of other major additions to the game’s feature set in the final stages of closed beta. These include night missions with destructible light sources and night vision gear, the addition of a ‘bomb run’ game mode called Sabotage, and abilities such as command user interface and spawn point control aimed at the competitive gaming community. Players can expect more major updates in the coming weeks designed to turn “War Inc. Battlezone” into an ultra-realistic recreation of armed-to-the-teeth modern warfare.

“War Inc. Battlezone” delivers a premium online game experience in a F2P package, as an addictive 3rd-person shooter punctuated by high production value. In the game, players join the ranks of battle-hardened mercenaries, entering a war theatre where up to 64 players can engage in relentless action and intense competition in diverse maps and multiplayer game modes. “War Inc. Battlezone” also features a deep customization system, where players get free and immediate access to create persistent characters with a variety of traits then load them out with a wide arsenal of gear and weaponry.

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  1. this game is awesome, i can enter in details, but this is a comment not an analisis, the game is good, play it!

  2. ummm…. i don’t know what you guys are talking about, even at ultra graphics my computer has no lag and my computer is not that great. The graphics even at ultra don’t look very good and the gameplay feels like BF without vehicles and COD combined with 3rd person. The only thing i can give 5/5 on is the hud, it is very well done, but that does not make up for the gameplay… Maybe i just have high standards but this game kinda sucks.

  3. Amazing game, I dont think that ^ (Xazur), you can compare APB to this game.
    Not by the game being great tho they both are, I mean that in the gameplay.
    You’re talking about two games, although they’re both third person shooter :
    One, APB which is a Enforcers vs. Criminals game, mostly created by missions that gather up teams, or by individuals,
    Against War Inc. , which is a huge map, no district as APB, with some modes, and prepared teams that can either be left by players or joined.
    And you’re talking about a war game against…. well, a great but a shooting game with an idea, which is not as War Inc. ‘s or other games such as Combat Arms, COD’s multiplayers and others.
    By the way, this game is awesome!
    Huge maps, actually there are 5 right now if I’m not misstaken, 3 or 4 game modes, and not a big number of weapons (a disadvantage), but this game will develop… Great graphics, but Ultra ones are too laggy for me.

  4. And like the most above my previous post, APB is better. I’ve been playing it since it came out 2 months ago. It has lots of guns were you can unlock mods for them. The game isn’t about plain shooting, it requires a sense of strategy. There are car battles and explosions, as well as camera switch for left and right angles. The game is also a mmorpg, which gives something to work to.

    • Eh that’s your operation the thing I didn’t like about APB is that its unbalanced level wise (not sure how it is now) but when i was like level 5 on there i kept getting killed by players 10 15 level above me witch made the game less fun for me so i ended up quitting

  5. I played the CB when it came out like half a year ago, it wasn’t as good as it is now. But still I think this game is a lot like CoD4 with worse graphics and character models. When you sprint, you can clearly see that the character doesn’t run on the ground, it slides on the ground while pretending it’s sprinting. Also as you can see, the fact that the game is 3rd person makes it so the camera is on the right side, facing the left. Meaning if you were to camp on the left side of an object, you wouldn’t be able to see around it. What I do like about the game is that, the weapons, although you have to buy the weapons with the mods you want, isn’t really customizable. You can also rent the guns for a day for at least 350 game dollars, that is pretty cheap, The perm weapons require cash.

  6. hmmm I’m not sure whats up but it seems to create a game you need to buy it with cash…. if so this game is rather pointless to me lol


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