Next time you log into War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment’s free to play war simulator, make sure to pay the Events Calendar a visit. Gaijin Entertainment will be introducing new events called “WWII Chronicles” that allow players to take part in iconic conflicts starting with Germany’s invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939 and working their way through to the Allied victory in May of 1945.

WWII Chronicles offer players a chance to engage as either ground or air forces through some of the most iconic moments throughout the war and will reward players for completing various objectives with trophies and premium vehicles. For every 15 victories you earn in these chronicles you’ll have a chance to win a premium vehicle, but 225 victories guarantees you a premium vehicle, unique title, and a decal.

WWII chronicles are available in AB, RB, and SB game modes.

Head on over to the War Thunder web site for details on where you can find these daily events once in game.

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    • You sir, are ignorant. I’ve yet to drop a dime on that game and only play it casually, yet still managed to unlock Rank IV and am usually top 3 on the leaderboard each match.


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