Last Friday, Digital Extremes hosted a Warframe devstream focused on upcoming content, including the first new Warframe to be added in 2018. During the stream they showed off several new features currently being worked on, but the primary focuses were the new kits for the Khora Warframe and Sanctuary Onslaught, the new take on Void Onslaught.

Prior to discussing these topics, the team went over a few of the smaller updates they’ve been working on, including what they’re calling “re-re-lighting the dojos.” Once complete this will allow players to make their own adjustments to their dojo’s lighting and color. They also showed off new graphic effects lovingly dubbed “glitter farts”, and some visual updates to the game’s UI.

Of course, the highlight of the stream was Khora, who was shown off in action about halfway through the stream. Khora is a “master of beasts”… meaning she has a furry companion, the Kavat Venari. This creature can be used in defense, offense, or even healing.

Khora’s other abilities are heavy on the AoE and crowd control. One such ability is the ‘Strangledome’. This ability creates a dome with CC points that grab enemies and pulls them up into the air, damaging them over time. Another ability ensnares enemies, slowly pulling in any others who get too close to the first victim. Basically, Khora’s not a Warframe others are going to want to get close to.

For more information on Khora, and other new content, you can either read the summary post on the Warframe site — oooooor, you can watch the stream VOD below.

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