Not much to report here but I did want to maybe help out a few Wartune players. As R2Games kicks off the 3rd anniversary for the free to play MMORPG, they’ll be hosting several online events on their social network sites. From the August 10th to the 31st, players should keep an eye on the Forum, as well as Facebook in order to participate and stand a chance to win physical and in-game prizes.

Here’s the links for both in case you want to take your shot at winning:

  • Forum
  • Facebook
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    1. worse game ever and support sucks, day to day items missing and when you use cash in the game about 10% of the time you dont get your vip statis and could be waiting weeks for your balens. The game lags alot and people use hacks. when they returned origins same problems with server 1 same bugs and not sure but they might closer servers one to 4 like they had to do with servers one to 4 almost 5 yrs ago. support tickets dont work so if you get banned you will never know why and you never know when they will repair or even try to return lost items or vip purchases. Its a big con front game and they owe alot of people cash credits.


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