Remember Wizardry Online? If you’re in the West and you don’t, I’m not surprised. Published by Sony Online Entertainment in the West, Wizardry Online was based on the long running IP and focused on a more “hardcore” gameplay where death had repercussions. It closed down in the West back in July of 2014.

Every time an MMO closes down, we hear rumors of players trying to revive the game, but it isn’t every day that those attempts are also taken seriously by a company that might be able to make the revival happen.

SuBa Games, Wizardry Online’s developer, is taking the player feedback seriously. From SuBa’s Community Manager:

Afternoon everyone, it’s always great to see people passionate enough to pool together and try to have their voices heard. In this case i want to let you know you all have been heard and Suba is interested in reviving this game. They have actually made contact with the developer but have yet to conclude an outcome with them yet.

If you would like to see Wizardry Online make a comeback, check out the Wizardry Online Revival group on Facebook and sign their petition.