Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kisyli took to the stage early in Microsoft’s Xbox panel at E3 on Monday to announce that World of Tanks would be coming to the Xbox 360 this summer. The game will be free-to-play for Gold subscribers on Xbox LIVE.

The console version of the game already has its own website, offering up tips and advice for new players (and maybe people who like the game but are really bad at it… not that I know anyone like that). The new incarnation also has its own newly dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages.

Also revealed in the trailer for the big news were some new statistics on the game, including 60 million registered players across 200 countries. Although some gamers undoubtedly own both a PC and an Xbox 360, over 77 million 360s have been sold worldwide since its 2005 debut, bringing WoT to potentially tens of millions of new players.

The move also seems like a great way for Wargaming.net to gain a foothold on consoles and learn the ins and outs of the platform to pave the way for World of Warplanes and World of Warships on the next generation of consoles. Unless League of Legends makes its way to consoles, it’s not hard to imagine we’ll see a press release in the coming months trumpeting Wargaming.net as having the “biggest F2P games on consoles.”

Actually, come to think of it… why hasn’t Riot ported League to consoles? Sounds like a license to print money.

What’s your take on the news? Granted, most of you reading this are probably PC gamers, so it doesn’t affect you directly, but if a sizable company like Wargaming.net can take its gameplay to consoles, will this open the doors to a new wave of F2P console gaming?


  1. This makes no sense,why would they release it on xbox360 when the new xboxone will be coming out.They should wait until xboxone comes out then release it

    • Hmm, established market with millions of users or new market that’s looking pretty suspect due to horrible development choices. I wonder why they chose 360 over xboned?

    • beacuse there are millions of people that have x360 and no one has yet xOne and its expansive… this game need players so thats why 🙂

    • 70+ million potential customers on a console that ain’t gonna be discontinued so soon or wait until the end of the year for a console that ain’t going so well at the moment?

      Easy choice.

  2. curious how popular it will be on a console

    I personally would have thought if you preferred consoles over pc, chances are you’d have a pc anyway of which if nothing currently catered for this type of game on console, you’d just play it on pc.

    Haven’t touched WoT for a long time, got bored, also sick when the tanks (classes in other games) constantly get tweaked. Absolutely hate this when it happens, grind away a tree for a certain tank, get there and they change it for the worse…..

  3. I suppose the gain of money vs the headache of porting LoL to a console wouldnt be worth it to Riot.
    Not to mention that they are already struggling to keep the pc version of the game running anyways.

  4. This game is so bad. I called P2W for years (After I hit max a F2P can hit, and after I quit after the lies the “big patch” did not deliver, but actually dumb the game down.) Fan bois all cried: “Oh it is F2P! Oh we love it! Oh my pooskins!” And the misinformed always thought hte P2W was tied into the gold ammo. It had nothing to do with gold ammo (unless a pay team out wieghted a F2P team, then yes gold ammo was a huge leverage). It had to do with purchasable tanks…And tiered tanks. Players like me, good at the game and never spending a dime, knew the moments when it was you vd the last 3 guys. IF it was balanced, the better skilled player won, if it was a casher. He just sat there, watch you roll up, and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot. And he just spam “LOLOLOL” because your F2P can not harm a P2W tank. It was that simple…no believed me…now the company admits they are P2W, and wants to “undo” those restrictions and go to counsel gaming….LLOLLLL Fan Bois….your brains….they do not exist.

    • This game isn’t pay to win buddy, all those gold tanks really aren’t that good they just good to farm silver with, also those gold rounds are only useful if you have a derp gun. Any skilled player would be able to out play a gold player dude.

    • Hmmm…sorry but I don’t think you even played this from your comment. Only advantages a paying player had were:
      – Form a 3 man platoon, AKA group (gone now, anyone can do it)
      – Form a Tank Company, whole team group to fight another for better rewards (gone now as well, everyone can do it)
      – Extra 50% experience and ingame money earning

      If you also put cash in the game you could also purchase:
      – Premium ammo which helps a lower skilled player more than reward a skilled one (can now be bought with ingame money)
      – Premium consumables, better than regular (same, can now buy with regular ingame money)
      – Premium tanks, better than stock tanks of same tier, worst than elited vehicles of same tier but have better ingame money earning potential.

      WG has been steadly moving away from anything that could possibly be considered P2W for quite a while.
      Also, there is no “limit” for a free player. You can get every tank (besides the premiuns) and play every mode (could always do Tank Companies, just not form one) with a free account. Paying only makes it faster with the xp boost. It just takes more skill from the player as the money gain gets thinner as you go up tiers to make sure you play lower tiers thus keeping all tiers in the game populated so new players don’t get stuck out.
      It’s far from a perfect game, but it has quite a good market model.

      And I cry with kind of influx of players that will come from the 360 community…I see more players saying crap because they don’t bother to learn the game mechanics.

  5. Not exactly F2P if it requires a subscription, but then again, that’s Microsoft’s fault, not the game devs/publishers.

  6. Can someone tell me how this game got so popular? I played it like the first week it released and it seemed less than adequate.

    • Do clarify, the first week of open beta two years ago you mean? The game is quite complex to grasp entirely at first glance and can be quite deceiving in that.

      To what tier did you get?


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