Update 8.6 for Wargaming.net’s F2P juggernaut World of Tanks is just about ready to hit the live servers! The meaty update expands self-propelled guns (SPGs, a.k.a. artillery) to Tier X, but not all is well for SPG fans. Tier X vehicles (except SPGs) will get a 10% damage bonus, with a corresponding, but smaller boost to non-SPG vehicles from Tiers VI to IX. Additionally, the velocity of SPG shells has dropped from 10% to 15%.

A variety of other smaller improvements, like a re-working of the post match report and new camouflage patterns, are also part of the update, and there’s a new map, the Korean-inspired Sacred Valley. You can read the whole (long) list of changes on the World of Tanks site. Update 8.6 goes live on EU servers June 20 and on NA servers June 25.

As someone who’s been obliterated at long range from SPGs he couldn’t even see, I can’t say I’m totally against toning them down a bit, but there are sure to be artillery hounds who will lament the changes. What do you think?

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  1. trust me after the updates goes live ..arty will become not much a treat now…for tier 8 you now will never get in tier 10 arties anymore …

    • It will not come to the 360, but the xbox1 sorry to bust your bubble but your going to have to dish out $500 for a VCR shaped console that can barely qualify as a gaming console but more of a DVR…

      • BrandNew: You may have it backwards. It is definietly coming to the XBox 360. See the World of Tanks web site to confirm this.

    • I believe it’s already possible to play beta version if you have gold subscription. As for release…They didn’t make official announcement yet, so no one knows. Just follow WoT XBox 360 website (wt360e.com) and you’ll be among the first ones to know when it comes out.

  2. Why don’t they make sure that the damage of tier 10 arties(or any other higher level tanks) in mainly lower tier games is more balanced. It is not fair if you are a lower tier to be one shot because you haven’t got enough money to buy a tier 10 tank.

  3. What i dont get with this update is that they “balance” SPG’s then they add 9 new SPG’s
    Something is really fishy around here….

  4. Arties are ok and if you know how to move on the map they can be avoided.But the truth is that the matchmaking sucks bad and after the patch i been in many games with arties as high tier.I played more than 10 matches that both teams had tier10 arties and the rest was tier 8.I even seen them one shot other players causing 1800 dmg in one shot.I mean come on people its ridiculous.

  5. Yea they talk about the changes being a nerf but watch the video, it seems like they are rubbing one shot arty kills (which happen too dammed often) in the faces of everyone who is pissed about them

    its like they’re saying “No change, just more of the same”

    I’m tired of losing 50-75% of my health from one arty shell that didn’t even hit me 2 minutes into the game. Best way to fix arty is to remove it so the rest of us can actually play the game and have the thing called “fun”

        • He probably meant that he is an arty player, not you. As in “As an arty player, I can say that you are highly exaggerating”.

          • I know what he meant.

            As for your advice, it’s nothing that I haven’t heard before but the simple fact of the matter is that while it’s good advice it isn’t always applicable, When there is arty in the game 85% of the cover on a map becomes useless because arty can hit you so you are limited to usually 4-5 different paths that you can take to remain remotely safe from arty. The problem is that because there is arty in the game everyone takes those paths, your team and the enemy team. What does the arty do? they sit and watch those paths waiting for you to come out of cover because if you don’t everyone will just sit behind a rock or a house or a cliff with their thumbs of their asses for 15 minutes. I didn’t download WoT to sit behind a rock for 15 minutes I downloaded it to drive tanks and fight other tanks. I can forgive overpowered/unbalanced tanks but the basic fact is that when two tanks meet they are on fair terms, you can see them they can see you, you can shoot them they can shoot you. The rest is decided by your skill and what you brought to the party, if their stick is bigger or better than yours or they are smarter or more skilled then you are then you are going to lose or vice versa.

            Things don’t work out like that with arty in the equation. Arty can be 400-600 meters away and behind a mountain, you won’t be able to see them and you can’t shoot back, no matter how skilled you are and no matter how big a stick you brought to the party they can attack you with impunity. Arty players just sit there with their google maps view and wait to nuke people and some of them are such scumbags that they will jump off a cliff or into water to keep you from killing them.

            I’ve seen it time and time again, when there isn’t any arty in play people are more aggressive, battles flow back and forth more fluidly, people attack with conviction, and people fight harder and take more chances but when arty is in play people rush to the designated “Arty safe” positions and play peekaboo for the whole dammed game, few people attack and the ones that do either end up doing it with little or no support or the lose their nerve and fallback.

            All arty does is ruin the game.

    • If they hit you too often, it means only one thing: you are an easy target. Rule.1 in any combat situation is “dont be an easy target”. Use terrain, move when you know that you’re being targeted. … … Ah, who am I kidding? It’s pointless to explain those things. I suppose Wargaming simply hates you personally and wants you and only you not to have fun. Because, guess what? Millions of people do.

    • SPGs are with really slow shoot speed and need a lot of precision and it sucks in close range fights so light tanks can easily kill them

    • duck and cover thats why they added rocks , ask them to make a simple mode if you cant move your tank a few meters (in game ;))

      stop rushing in and think ,it is a TATICAL game , most players dont get it 🙂

    • You do know arty shots have a travel time right? Even slower now, and if you make the slightest turn while the shell is flying, all the aiming can go bananas, so you’re probably driving straight foward.
      Also “All arty does is ruin the game.” Ye sure, because all those heavy tank units camping near / at base waiting for anything to pop out sure is a lot more fun, maybe you’re even one of them for just losing 50% HP from a shell.

    • Your points are so invalid…Yes it is annoying to practically get 1 shot by an arty but arty’s aren’t exactly easy to play. They require timing and know where to shoot or where to lead the shot at a lot of times they lose money on buying ammo. So don’t go ranting like they’re this overpowered tank by so much when you don’t know the difficulties of using one.

    • Arty really does ruin the games. Games are so much better when there isn’t arty less people rush in going Rambo to try and to find and kill the arty. I also really hate how they still have visual of you even 10 seconds after you’ve broken visual contact I say if you’re going to give them that nuking power you need to at least make it so that they can only see enemies that are within visual contact of themselves or an ally and once that contact has been broken they shouldn’t be able to see you anymore. Otherwise just remove them from the game it’s annoying to have them there.

    • I played all roles in this game, Artillery are a fun strategic way of turning the tide in a battle, I think you cry too much, you are tired of loosing health, then fine, play as a light tank get across the battle field and sneak up on an artillery unit. Stop complaining, and learn to play and adapt it is war, there is no fairness in war so why should there be in wargames, the weak die during war so should that of wargames. Survival of the fittest

    • you can easily cover behind high rocks houses and stuff keep moving abit arty is not super accurate takes a long time to aim and travel camping one spot is not gunna work this time and why do you still play this game if you dont have fun? i mean artillery was there from the beginning and you sooo dislike it becouse of that….. just nvm the game and do something else only reason youre being an ass to the arty is couse youre a douche that likes it easy and just want something to complain go waste time anoying other people maybe a mirror for once might even shape you up i think i made my point youre critosicsm is tottaly unfair and has no evidence to substain the complaint youre case is hereby dissmissed this is douche-gamejudge and you have been royally kicked ass in the court of game-law keep it to yourself unless you have something nice to say douche!

      • my reply is a comment to this message from MrPants

        Yea they talk about the changes being a nerf but watch the video, it seems like they are rubbing one shot arty kills (which happen too dammed often) in the faces of everyone who is pissed about them

        its like they’re saying “No change, just more of the same”

        I’m tired of losing 50-75% of my health from one arty shell that didn’t even hit me 2 minutes into the game. Best way to fix arty is to remove it so the rest of us can actually play the game and have the thing called “fun”


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