Everything is coming to Steam these days. That was one of the top 10 news pieces from last year, and the trend is continuing into 2021, as Wargaming has announced that World of Tanks will be headed to Valve’s PC gaming platform in the near future.

The Steam version of the game will bring over everything that the PC version has to offer, including over 600 vehicles of five types across 11 nations. Battles will feature cross-play between the Steam version and Wargaming launcher for the game.

One downside for veteran tankers is that the Steam version of World of Tanks will only be available for new accounts. This mirrors the approach Guild Wars 2 will take when it heads to Steam, though Wargaming offered the following explanation for why it had to take this approach:

World of Tanks wasn’t initially designed as a game for several PC platforms, that’s why it’s impossible to use your current game account to enter the game via Steam. If you start playing World of Tanks on Steam, a new account will be created for you.

You can check out World of Tanks’ Steam page here.


  1. That explanation sounds weird to me. So what if it wasn’t initially designed for multiple platforms? They are releasing on multiple platforms now and should be able to have the same login just like War Thunder allows. I think the real reason is because they don’t want existing Wargaming.net customers to migrate to steam and give Valve their 30% cut. The Steam release is just to market the game to the Steam audience. They should just be honest about that.


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