The console version of Wargaming’s free-to-play naval battler, World of Warships: Legends, is — surprise! — coming to next-gen consoles. Wargaming announced today that Legends will be making its way to the Xbox Series X and S by the end of November, while PlayStation 5 implementation will come “shortly after the console is released” (Nov. 12 for most regions).

Before all that, captains can enjoy the November update for the game, comimg on the 9th, which focuses on the Japanese fleet. The nation’s destroyer tech tree will be split at Tier IV, adding four new ships with powerful guns that can be researched immediately. Two new campaigns, Yasen Butai Leader and Tokyo Express, will also kick off, allowing captains to unlock the Tier VII large cruiser Azuma and commander Raizō Tanaka, respectively. You can unlock two more legendary destroyers via Bureau projects.

Also in the update coming next Monday, battleships receive the Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable, improving secondary battery accuracy for 30 seconds, along with a new commander skill that also improves secondary guns. Finally, the update offers a sneak peek at Black Friday’s events, which include limited-time sales of four new Black Fleet ships and a unique commander, Jerzy Świrski.

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