Warships Arpeggio

Back in December, Wargaming teamed up with Arpeggio of Blue Steel to offer several distinctive battleships inspired by the anime, which centers around AI-controlled battleships. The promotion returns, in limited form, for the remainder of June, giving players the opportunity to take to the high seas to earn a pair of Tier V battleships that they might have missed out on previously.

From now until July 1, players can work on several in-game missions to acquire the golden-hued Haruna or the green-tinged Kirishima. The missions mostly just require players to inflict damage using ships of a certain tier — IV-V for Kirishima and VI for Haruna — until the fourth mission, which requires a top five finish in a single battle. Players who already own the ships can also earn bonus credits for performing well in battles with those ships.

You can find full details of the promotion on the World of Warships site.

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  1. The Way of the MMO are going in the Trash Can. Free to play is just a joke Completely.
    Pay to win or Pay for Power = Greediness
    The Community lost a lot of respect as well over the years and no Social with Player anymore.

    • These MMO game are becoming Power based on damage to much. I fear the worst is about to come when MMO games starting becoming more Pay for Power For Greed. I think not a good idea to play any MMO in the market for a Very long time.

    • You can’t buy ammo in this game at all. And everything that affects combat effectiveness can be bought with in-game currency. So… Yeah… Tough to be you. My condolences.


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